Yoga Burn Review: Is It A Helpful Fat Burning, Fitness Training Program?

Yoga Burn Review

Welcome to Yoga Burn review. Are you a person who enrolled in a Yoga class, desperately trying to lose weight and look perfect, and who is yearning to see the results even after trying it for several weeks? This Yoga Burn review is for you to choose between the generic yoga classes that you follow now and the new Yoga Burn in the form of a DVD.

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Yoga Burn Review: Does It Provide A Perfect Plan To Burn Your Fat Through Yoga?

There are several other yoga classes available in your area which aims to retain the volume of students within it. Some other yoga apps or videos have perfect pictures or videos of a mastered yoga practitioner.

The 12 week Yoga Burn challenge is designed for a beginner who has zero flexibility in the body. Unlike the other Yoga classes, it aims to teach the perfect way to improve the flexibility of the beginner.

This Yoga Burn review is not a hoax, it is a perfectly crafted report after knowing the methods, and their effects. Several other Yoga Burn reviews YouTube and cross-verification from the people who follow are also considered.

yoga Burn review

Features of the Yoga Burn DVD

There are three possible misinterpretations that everyone makes before practicing yoga.

Enrolling in the Generic Yoga Classes

Enrolling in the yoga classes is not always incongruous. There are factors to be considered before choosing it.

  • Not all the students are going to be at your level of flexibility. Some must have followed the yoga for years and have better posture levels comparatively.
  • The classes are taken commonly to a 20-year old who is practicing for several weeks and to a 45-year old who is new to yoga.
  • They give constant instruction without even considering the previous injuries and the inability of an individual.
  • Most of the instructors are not well trained or certified.
  • All these factors could impact an individual with several injuries and feeble pain.

Enrolling into Yoga Classes can De-stress and Relax You

The answer is no. Yoga is supposed to relax you for sure. But when you enroll in a class along with the mass numbers, the stress levels increase starting from reaching a class on time, missing a routine to catch a bus, discomfort with space for your yoga mat, the comfort level of your dress, the possibility of an instructor to point out that you are doing wrong, and worrying about fellow practitioner’s comment about your body or postures. These factors can affect your senses about cooling down and de-stressing factors. It increases your cortisol levels and helps the fat to get stored in the areas like thighs, arms, hips, and butt.

Lack of Progression 

Even after going to regular classes for several weeks, many lags in flexibility they suppose to attain. The yoga classes handling mass students fail to pay close attention to the beginner. Instead of teaching the methods to accomplish flexibility, they stand in front and do the sequence and finish a class. The beginners keep on practicing the same never see progress.

To rule out all the about mentioned common mistakes that could happen in regular yoga classes, Zoe Bray-Cotton formatted the Yoga Burn Challenge program with three phases.

The Yoga Burn Digital access helps to reduce your stress because you are practicing alone without any need to speed up the postures and try to fit in the group. You can practice in your home without feeling uncomfortable about being watched by the others.

The three phases are

  •  The foundational flow
  •  The transitional flow
  •  The master flow

The Foundational Flow 

It has Asanas and new postures that increase the metabolism and flexibility of the body. It connects the body and mind with the breathing regulations. It helps your body to be able for the entire Yoga burn body. It relaxes and increases serotonin production and makes you enjoy your workout.

The dynamic sequences mentioned in this phase have easy beginner-level steps that never require body flexibility to attain a posture. It trains your body to fit into a comfort level suitable for Yoga practice. The simple steps suggested in this phase is to train your mind and body connection.

The mind-body connection is explained well in this phase. Doing yoga in perfect forms results in a productive outcome, it helps to avoid injuries and helps in building the muscles. When you begin this phase, you feel sourness in the body, which is a sign of muscle building.

The right track from the beginning helps you more in reaching your goal of fitness. Focusing more on this phase is advised for beginners. Even though you see the changes in the first four weeks, investing more time in this phase will set your mind on perfection.

The Transitional Flow

As per the program, after four weeks begins the Transitional Flow. In this phase, the perfection learned in the first phase combines with the additional advanced moves. These practices increase calorie burn, metabolism, and toning. The intense workout makes you a sweet lot than the first phase.

This phase never feels tough because of the foundation you achieved in the first phase. This phase makes you involve more of your time in moving faster and helps your body to lose excess fat. You can see your muscles are toughened and a considerable weight loss.

Rather than looking upon the posture, this stage additionally encourages you to do the transition from one pose to another concentrating on the major muscle group. When the first phase is all about feeling positive about the body and mind, the second phase is to shape up the body with moves and feel more vibrant.

When the first phase involves being happy about your body, the second phase improves happiness by adding flexibility and improving the confidence level.

Mastery Flow

Entering this mastery flow phase is the last phase where you have set your body equal to a year-old yoga practitioner. The two months of practicing perfection and practicing transition combined with a more intense workout in this phase.

There are severe and hard levels of workout are in this phase. This phase tests your benchmark made in the first two levels. Most of the steps are repetitive from the second phase, which is essential for muscles.

The continuous workout with these methods concentrates on core, hips, and arm, which are major fat-storing areas. The third phase is easy when you go with the flow from the beginning. The fat burning and weight loss are fast in this phase.

The 12 weeks of Yoga burn workout turns you into a new person when taken seriously.

Pros and Cons of Yoga Burn PDF


  • The fat loss begins in the first week itself.
  • The steps are safe to follow for any age group.
  • When learned with perfection, injuries stay away.
  • Unlike the other weight loss program, there are many Yoga Burn review videos available on youtube that guarantees the possibility of transformation.
  • The Yoga Burn program reviews appreciate the bonus programs other than the main program which has to be incorporated in specified phases.
  • Bonus videos available as follows:

1. Tranquility flow to which is a video for restorative yoga for 15 mins. Includes instructions on how to maintain the posture while sitting and relaxing.

2. Beginner flow to increase the stretches and muscle relaxation for 15 mins. It is advised with the second phase of the Yoga Burn program.

3. Pose tutorials to improve the techniques, forms, and postures. It has 21 pose tutorials to help to make a beginner into a master by teaching perfection.


  • The Yoga Burn review suggests one main consequence of this Yoga Burn program, that is, you have to buy new downsized outfits.
  • The program has clear instructions. The only highly involved individuals can see the results as no one is around to push you to do workouts every day.
  • Initially, some have faced hidden charges, but most of them say that they paid only once.
  • The Yoga Burn Program is suitable for ladies only.

Advantages of Yoga Burn Download

  • Each one has a different goal. You get a chance to be your own master and challenge your physical ability to see the progress.
  • You can continue in a phase until you get precise in it.
  • The course focuses on accomplishing the flexibility at your comfort level.
  • It helps you to enjoy the workout at your speed and assures relaxation.
  • Following the instructions for a few weeks sincerely, you can slowly enjoy the whole benefits that a Yoga practice could offer.
  • You can get the Yoga Burn program free by using the return policy when you are not satisfied with the product.

Yoga Burn Customer review

About Yoga Burn Creator Zoe Bray Cotton

Zoe Bray Cotton is the Author of the Yoga Burn. She is the most renowned Yoga teacher of the most famous Yoga schools and the gyms. She is a Yoga practitioner for more than a decade. With her expertise, she helped lots of her clients and became most renowned through the Yoga Burn reviews.

With all the teaching experiences, she has designed and developed the most effective methods suitable for ladies to lose weight. She has developed Yoga Burn online programs and Yoga Burn apps to help ladies around the world and make them taste the sweetness of yoga.

Why Yoga Burn is Useful?

  • 30 – 40 minutes of workout per day for 120 days of the Yoga Burn shows astonishing results in weight loss.
  •  The skin rejuvenates and has a bright glow.
  • It radiates positivity and boosts up self-confidence.
  • You can learn at your speed and need not stress about completing the sequence just for sticking with the group.
  •  Keeps you away from injuries and pain due to wrong postures.
  • Yoga Burn reviews help to increase your metabolism level Slowly and steadily.

Who Can Benefit From Yoga Burn? 

  • Yoga burn program is useful for the ladies who feel shy to exercise in a group.
  • People who do not want to commute for exercise and who want to work out in their comfort zone will get benefitted.
  • People from any age group can follow these instructions.
  • They need only 15 – 40 minutes to follow the workouts.

This program highly benefits the people who cannot afford to have instructors.


The benefits of yoga are enormous. But, many Yoga centers fail to teach the students with perfection and hiring a professional for individual costs too much. There is no other way than choosing a program like Yoga Burn program.

The instructions are carefully crafted especially for beginners to teach perfection, which is vital. The other new techniques and unique transformation forms are totally helpful. Yoga burn before and after pics of this program shows the astonishing transformation of many ladies.

Comparing the weight loss medicines, other yoga methods like hanging on the couch yoga, the methods of the Yoga Burn is pretty intense and easy to follow. The Yoga Burn Review recommends the Yoga burn program for fat loss and weight loss goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of this Yoga Burn program?

The price of the Yoga Burn program is $37 only. It includes the shipping as well.

What is the time limit for a return policy?

You can return the product within 60 days and claim a refund.

Are there any diet suggestions additional to workout?

There are no suggestions about diet. In general, a healthy diet, avoiding junks, avoiding fried foods and suggested work out can fasten the fat burning process.

Is there any age limit to follow this Yoga Burn program?

It applies to all ages. The methods are safe and sound for all the age groups. Kindly discuss with your physician if you have any previous injuries.

Is there any specific time to follow the Yoga Burn program?

In general, it is better to opt for the morning. If it is not possible, you can do this exercise before a meal or an hour after the meal.

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