What Is Weight Loss Planning Calculator? How To Use It?

weight loss calculation

Obesity is considered as the number one enemy of one’s health. It is nothing but a sign of access fat in different parts of the body; hence, one needs to control the lifestyle as well as food and exercise well.


What Is Weight Loss Planning Calculator? How To Use It?

The biggest issue that one faces is how to know how much weight is ideal and get to it. Well, for the required weight, one can take the help of BMI while for losing weight, he can take the help of experts and weight calculator. For this, one needs to know what weight calculator is and how to use it.

weight loss calculation

The weight calculator

The weight calculator is a useful device with the help of which one can know how much weight he wants to have and to achieve the same how many calories he has to take in or burn. Basically, it is a device that can help you achieve your goal rather than just losing or controlling weight.

With the help of this device, you can come to know the time frame by when you can achieve the desired weight or goal. The main point for a user is to know how to use this calculator. It is easy to use the device, and one needs to focus on a few points only.

Focus these points

The moment one decides to increase, lose, or control weight, he needs to know the use of a weight calculator. There is no rocket science in using this device, but perfect use can help one get the required figures easily.

  • Gender: It has given the field where you need to choose your gender. Remember that gender plays an important role in weight management.
  • Age: It is another crucial factor that can help you to have the right weight. With age, the weight varies, and in case you are in the category of obese, it can be monitored easily.
  • Current weight: Here, you will have two options that are LBs and Kgs. You can choose any of them as per your current available statistics.
  • Goal Weight: This is the weight that you might be aiming at. It may be higher or lower than the current weight.
  • Height: To have the right figure for ideal weight, you need to know your height first. The BMI changes with height and age as well as gender. With the help of height, you can know if your weight is right or if you need to increase or reduce it.
  • Activities: In this field, you get various options, which include sedentary, somewhat active, very active, and moderately active, where one needs to choose an option that fits his current profile. Those who are in the category of very active and extremely active may need to have food with more calories, while those who are in the category of somewhat active must be more careful while going for any food item. People who have a sedentary option must be extremely careful about diet if they want to lose weight in the desired time frame.

After filling all the data, you need to click on calculate, which can help you know the right period by when you can achieve your weight. Here you must remember that the weight loss calculator takes it as 1 or 2-pound loss per week; hence, if one wants to go for more weight loss, it has to be offline only.

The choice of activity with the weight loss plan also plays a vital role. It can be walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and running. You can choose any of these activities and change your time frame for ideal weight. In different activities, you can burn a different amount of calories, and hence the time frame for the ideal weight also changes. This point is very important to know when you can achieve your ideal weight.

How to choose the right activity?

The selection of an activity purely depends on one’s capacity and willingness. Those who are overweight must control it with moderate activities and consistency. They can go for walking and other activities. Here the age of an individual, as well as his medical condition, also plays a crucial role.

Those who are young but obese can go for jogging or even swimming to have quick results. However, any activity must be done to the extent one can bear it. One can also regularly go for cycling or other activities to control the weight or shade some more calories in a few days. Some people also prefer games for whom it can be a good option.

To control the weight, one needs to look at various factors, and once the plan is decided, one needs to follow it consistently. Over a period, one can build stamina and go for more weight loss also.

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