The Shingle Solution Review – Instant Relief From The Symptom Of Shingles?

The Shingles Solution Review

Here is my honest the Shingle Solution review. In the US, there are around one million cases of shingles every year.

Out of every 3 Americans, one person carries the shingles virus, which can be activated anytime. And there is no cure for the disease at present!

Product NameThe Shingle Solution
Main BenefitsWork on the root cause of the disease while also providing immediate relief
CreatorJulissa Clay
CategorySkin Care
Result21 Days of use
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here


The Shingle Solution Review- A Permanent Solution To Shingles Disease!

The Shingle Solution by Julissa Clay claims to work on the root cause of the disease while also providing immediate relief.

It is a step by step program that guides the user effectively.

The Shingle Solution review

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What is The Shingle Solution?

Shingles have no cure, and even though it’s not life-threatening, it tends to ruin one’s life.

The Shingle Solution, by the blue heron health news, is a 166-page online program.

According to the Shingle Solution review, it claims to get rid of shingles within 21 days of use.

It helps the user lead a healthy lifestyle to heal shingles in an effective manner.

About the Creator

The creator of the Shingle Solution program is Julissa Clay, a familiar name as she frequently contributes to The Blue Heron Health News (various medical programs are published here).

She is a natural health researcher and has dedicatedly studied naturopathy. Julissa believes in healing that does not cause any side-effects and hence is concerned regarding the risks of conventional drugs. 

Not much is known about her, but her reliability can be proved via her work.

She has an overall rating of 4.28 out of 5 on Goodreads, and her previous works, like The Fatty Liver Solution or Cure IBS Naturally, were well-liked by readers for being practical and useful.

How does The Shingle Solution work?

As the shingle solution program is newly released, there aren’t a lot of reviews on the internet. The best way is to try it out yourself.

As per the Shingle Solution review, The program is not eye-catching in terms of appearance and is academically and plainly presented. But at the same time, it is easy to follow.

The shingle solution program is based entirely on scientific evidence. Shingles are caused by a virus that hijacks the good bacteria and cells of our body, keeping it in a constant state of low-grade inflammation.

Thus shingles cause chronic immune suppression and inflammation in the blood, nerve endings, and skin.

This can lead to a leaky gut, i.e., there are micro-punctures in the stomach, an over-stressed immune system, and poor health of the gut microbiome.

If these factors are not treated properly, it can have drastic effects.

The five steps, followed by the shingle solution to heal shingles, are mentioned below:

  • It stops the shingles virus in its tracks by preventing it from binding and replicating.
  • Destroys and gets rid of cells that have been corrupted by the virus.
  • It also switches the configuration of the genes so that they are healthy again. This stops the virus from “reprinting” itself in each generation.
  • Mitochondrial function is boosted to help regenerate the damaged parts of the body.
  • A healthy immune system needs to be maintained so that the body is full of friendly bacteria, beneficial viruses, and a thriving gut microbiome.

Changing one’s diet is the key to the entire process of restoring and detoxifying gut health and damaged cells.

Diet also needs to be combined with regular exercise for a better lifestyle.

The entire science used is explained at the beginning of the shingle solution ebook.

By analyzing the Shingle Solution review, this helps reinforce the faith in the users and actually explain the entire process to them. It motivates the users to keep working towards their health.

Conventional medicines only focus on the external symptoms of the disease, while the immune system gets further weakened, making way for further diseases.

All this medical knowledge is explained in a friendly manner to raise awareness about shingles.

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Features of the Shingle Solution Program 2020

By reading the Shingle Solution review, The shingle solution pdf is a simple plan that is a simple plan that is divided into two phases spread over four weeks.

There is a daily instruction sheet for each day, explaining what to do and at what time—no need for guesswork.

The plan for the first seven days is comparatively strict about ending the itching, fatigue, pain, and fever quickly.

The shingle solution program becomes a lot more relaxed when the outer symptoms are reduced.

One can enjoy numerous benefits from the regular use of the shingle solution program:

  • Instantly provides relief from the symptom of shingles.
  • Claims to entirely get rid of the disease in only 21 days.
  • Digestion is improved as it repairs as well as detoxifies the gut.
  • The immune system is boosted to protect the body from further diseases like stroke, heart diseases, and liver disease.
  • All damaged nerve endings are repaired.
  • Long-term risks of shingles are also reduced, like vision loss, skin infection, and postherpetic neuralgia.
  • Risks of degenerative brain disease decrease significantly.
  • Chronic pain, paralysis, nerve damage, brain inflammation are acted against.
  • It also helps relieve stress as our mental health is linked to our gut health.
  • Helps lead a stress-free and energetic lifestyle.
Shingles disease

How does it help to cure shingles?

Standard medical practices focus on the symptoms of shingles rather than focusing on its causes and obliterating them.

This only suppresses the effects of the disease but does not get rid of it.

A person remains ill internally even though, on the surface, he looks healthy. The shingle solution overcomes this problem.

As mentioned in the Shingle Solution review, Shingles are believed to be caused by a weak immune system, so the program focuses on boosting the immune.

The shingle solution program is effective for long-term health as it rejuvenates the immune system and also helps treat the pain of shingles quickly.

Hence, one suffers for a shorter period of time as the body can fight off all the symptoms (joint pain, fatigue, itching) twice as fast.

There are no after-effects like PHN, and the risk of getting shingles ever again is minimal.

The shingle solution program provides both short-term and long-term effects.

It gives some instant relief from the symptoms while working on treating the internal symptoms powerfully.

Product Complaints and Customer Reviews

The shingle solution ebook is a relatively new release. But it is created by a trusted author.

The people who have used it to date have no complaints about it and are satisfied with the results.

They see gradual but daily improvements in their body.

Is the Shingle Solution Scam or Legit?

As per the Shingle Solution review, The shingle solution program is legit as it is backed by science and the pdf contains the entire ideology behind the program.

  • It is written by a reputable author, Julissa Clay. She has a loyal reader base and thousands of positive reviews on the internet. She is also trained in naturopathy.
  • All the scientific evidence is mentioned as a backup. This helps the readers understand the method, why they are doing it, and how it is benefitting their health.
  • The medical knowledge is explained in a friendly manner. So there is no need for a medical background to understand The shingle solution program or follow its steps.
  • The plan is explained in a detailed manner. You just need to follow it step by step to get results.
  • It is 100% risk-free as it involves no consumption of medicine or medical treatment. Only lifestyle changes are required.

The Shingle Solution Pricing

As mentioned in the Shingle Solution review, The Shingle Solution is available for $49 on its official website.

Consulting a doctor tends to be a lot more costly than this as they recommend antiviral medicines like famciclovir and valacyclovir.

Their prices vary from $26 to $40 per prescription and, at the same time, do not guarantee the permanent removal of the disease.

So each visit to the doctor can cost $69, and this is without insurance.

The shingle solution is holistic, as well as natural. It is like having a guide throughout the healing process, which stays by your side and helps you achieve your goals. It is a lifetime assistant at a price of $49.

The program does not provide any bonuses. But it does have a money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. So you can try out the Shingle Solution program without any risks.

Where can you buy it from?

It is best to buy the product: The shingle solution ebook from the official website. This provides the best pricing and benefits, and at the same time, reduces the chances of purchasing a knockoff.

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The Shingle Solution ebook is not without its flaws, but the positives tend to outweigh the negatives.

It is just a commitment of 21 days with a money-back guarantee. The price also seems to be affordable compared to regular visits to the doctor and prescription medicines.

According to the Shingle Solution review, it is risk-free and follows a scientific approach.

So if you think that you have suffered enough and the regular medicines are no longer helping, you might want to give the shingle solution a try.

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