The Paruresis Treatment System Review 2020 – An Effective Technique To Cure Shy Bladder Syndrome?

paruresis treatment system reviews

Here is my in-depth The Paruresis Treatment System Review. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a big piece of botheration, especially when you want to pass urine?

Using public toilets makes you feel depressed and hesitant as you don’t feel like urinating when others are standing along with you.

This phenomenon is called a shy bladder. To overcome this syndrome, one should opt for The Paruresis Treatment System.

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The Paruresis Treatment System
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Rich Presta And Dr. Cheryl Lane
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Paruresis Treatment
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The Paruresis Treatment System Review – Does This Audio Can Remove Your Fear Of Peeing In Public Washrooms?

It is a well-developed system designed by highly experienced and qualified professionals which helps to overcome the shy bladder phobia and results in relaxed urination.

The Paruresis Treatment System Reviews prove to be satisfactory, pocket-friendly, easy to implement, and result-oriented.

paruresis treatment system review

What Does Paruresis Or Shy Bladder Mean?

An inability to urinate freely and confidently in the existence of other people is termed as a Paruresis or shy bladder. It is a phobia that creates fear or havoc in a person of being judged or viewed by others.

For example, in public washrooms, a person with a shy bladder will feel uncomfortable in urinating in the presence of other fellow persons.

Suddenly, an unavoidable hesitation prevents a person from passing urine in the presence of other people. The Paruresis Treatment System Review will give more details.

The tightness of muscles, abdominal pain, and uneasiness are few physical impacts of Shy Bladder. Awkwardness, embarrassment, fear are few social obligations faced by sufferers. The Paruresis therapies can be the remedy to this problem.

Causes Of Shy Bladder Syndrome

Any incident in the past that ended in the state of insult may be one of the major reasons of shy bladder syndrome. There are instances when a person peed in a dress he or she is wearing. It can happen to anyone, a kid, or an adult.

But people surrounding you, don’t hesitate to make fun of you. The feel of being bullied in front of everyone doesn’t heal up easily.

These incidents leave a lifelong impact whose result is living a life with fear and ashamed. Such feelings increase anxiety, which further creates an adrenaline rush in the nervous system.

Thus, the sphincter muscles are blocked or become nonfunctional, which prohibits the tendency to pass urine when needed. If you have any such hypnosis for shy bladder, you should immediately check The Paruresis Treatment System reviews to make yourself feel better and relaxed.

About The Paruresis Treatment System 

Either men or women, Paruresis treatment system reviews are helpful for everyone. A complete set of Paruresis Treatment System review is a guaranteed product that provides relaxation to your body, peace to your mind and makes urination process more straightforward and easy.

The shyness fast formulas enable the eradication of Paruresis’ condition permanently and establish confidence again.

Who Is The Paruresis Treatment System For?

If you are tired of your bashful bladder and want to cure it for the rest of your life, it is high time to use The Paruresis Treatment System Review. The avoidant Paruresis tips and techniques are meant for sufferers whose anxiety is due to shy bladder syndrome.

It is a drug-free procedure that wipes out the consequences of any medication side effects or overdose mechanism.

paruresis therapists

The Paruresis Treatment System Creator

Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane are the authors of The Paruresis Treatment System. Rich Presta was also the sufferer of the shy bladder syndrome. He is the main author of the

This book contains realistic facts and remedies which have been keenly observed and experienced by Rich Presta whereas Dr. Cheryl Lame is a well trained and highly experienced clinical psychology specialist. Both are founders of this Paruresis Treatment Technique.

Authors have made maximum use of shy bladder tips of drug testing, experts’ opinions, and specialists who deal with treating anxiety.

What Will You Learn In The Paruresis Treatment Technique?

For those who are having acute depression, they must go through The Paruresis Treatment System Reviews. There are very simple and easy methods that help you to overcome your anxiety.

These methods are Being Alone, Listen to something and Say Nothing. Being alone method helps you to focus only on yourself.

There is no need to look around or even think of anyone else. Just grab any specific point or thing and view it with full concentration.

The only aim is to freely pass your urine without thinking about anything else. The second method is Listen to Something. The best solution here is to fix up the earphones and listen to loud music.

Pay full attention to that music and nothing else. It will help to overcome your distraction syndrome. The third method is, Say nothing. While you are peeing, do not communicate with anyone around you.

It may interrupt the peeing process or may even stop it, which will further increase the complications. Just pee while you are peeing, do nothing else.

shy bladder tips for drug testing

Pros And Cons Of The Paruresis Treatment System


The Paruresis Treatment System is a lifeguard for people who are suffering from shy bladder syndrome. Once followed, every step strictly, results in long-lasting results. Now, peeing is not at all a botheration or matter of worry.

The feel of being ashamed has vanished while you are urinating in public washrooms. The Paruresis Treatment System reviews are drug-free and natural remedies for the people who are facing anxiety and depression. The fear of being judged or viewed by others while urinating is no more a matter of concern.


The Paruresis Treatment System review doesn’t contain any video mode of explanation. Only audio and written contents are available, which are not sufficient at all.

It might have been better if there could have been any possible interaction with authors directly. The answers to the questions raised would have been more elaborative and explanatory.

Does The Paruresis Treatment System Work?

Yes, The Paruresis Treatment System works for almost everyone who dedicatedly follows step by step procedures.

It may take a little time as it depends upon the frequency of sufferer about how fast they can cope up with the methods and techniques prescribed in the book. The result is genuine and fully oriented.

The Paruresis Treatment System Bonuses

There are six bonuses described in The Paruresis Treatment System. These are the following:

  • Main Manual: This book explains various techniques to manage your hypnosis for shy bladder and recover from anxiety regularly. It helps to regain your self-confidence again.
  • Audio lessons: The audio lessons based on Paruresis therapies available are in MP3 format, which can be played on any audio devices. You can use it to feel relaxed and attain peace of mind by simply plugging the earphones and listening to the audio lessons.
  • P.A.T.S. volume: The main advantage of this guide is to practice what is being read. Apart from theoretical shyness fast formula, the Paruresis treatment system review enables practical implementations as well. Such practice helps in building strong recovery and amazing fun while learning.
  • Helix Report: The Paruresis support groups establish this report, which explains the level of anxiety. This will help you to relate your real-time scenario with the graphical analysis report. The results and curves obtained help to regain your confidence.
  • Mastermind Series to Reduce Anxiety: This portion is a discussion held between the author and experts. The information shared is very useful to ensure you are made depression-free at the end of MP3 audio.
  • Mastermind Transcripts to Reduce Anxiety: For most of the users, this is the best and most lovable part. You can hear and read all the information described by the author. It also explains the reports which are generated that acts as a feedback of your performances.


The Paruresis Treatment System Review is highly appreciative and positive. There is no risk factor involved in the entire process. All the steps prescribed are very easy and simple to follow.

This product is affordable, cheap, and easily available. In a state of anxiety, one always feels sad and troubled.

During that critical time, The Paruresis Treatment System provided a healing touch which resolves maximum depression and grants relaxation. The fear of peeing in public washrooms is no more a botheration.

The tips and techniques prescribed by the author don’t involve any use of drugs or medicine. It simply needs your will power, patience, and cooperation. Now no one gets a chance to tease or make fun.

You are no more ashamed of any past incident, and you are free from any kind of awkwardness.

The only matter of concern is to mind your task of peeing silently without getting distracted from your surroundings. No fear is in existence, but the only relaxation prevails the body.

The whole world is yours, and you need not stay closed in your home with a fear of shy bladder syndrome. Come outside and travel around without enormous joy and happiness.

Live a trouble-free life, and keep building your inner confidence. Now, your bladder is relaxed and filled with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

Is shy bladder syndrome curable?

Yes, shy bladder syndrome is 100% curable.

What kind of medicines are used in Paruresis therapy?

There are NO medicines used in Paruresis therapy?

What is the percentage of risk involved?

There is ZERO risk involved.

Does the product helps in reducing fear and anxiety?

Yes, the tips and techniques described are very helpful in reducing fear and anxiety.

Is the product easily available?

Yes, the product is readily available at very affordable prices.

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