Five Subtle Signs That You May Be At Risk Of Heart Disease


The heart is one of the most vital parts of the human body that is responsible for pumping blood to all other organs through the blood vessels. This blood provides oxygen and nutrients with the help of the heart. It also helps in removing the toxins from our body.

So protecting our heart from any circumstances of risks must be the first health priority we need to consider because when the heart stops beating, then it is all over. So why not take some preventive measures from the uncalculated risk of falling for heart failure.

Five Subtle Signs That You May Be At Risk Of Heart Disease

Let us go through 5 common signs that our body will show us before any possible heart-related health risk abducts any of us.
5 extreme signs that will hold you back with a weird feeling that might or might not be a heart failure cause but definitely seeks an urgent medical treatment


Anxiety, sweating, heartburn, vomiting, nausea at once.

A sudden situation of anxiety nausea and sweating is a common symptom of panic attacks. These are the symptoms of heart attacks too. Women are more likely to be seen with vomiting, stomach pain, and nausea. Stomach pain may be due to some bad appetite. It is not necessary that these symptoms come only because of a heart problem. But providing immediate attention by a doctor will help you solve the mystery behind the pain.

Congestion or an uncomfortable chest

Discomfort in the chest is one of the most common dangerous conditions that one would go through. There might be a blockage in the artery that you might be forced to experience some pain in the chest. This might be the sign of a heart attack and you will experience pain, tightness, or pressure around your chest which requires immediate medical rush that can avoid any life loss.

Climbing up the fatigue level

Not just lack of sleep keeps your body so tired that you will be falling under extreme fatigue, but there are other factors too. Even if you have a fever and this tiredness stays, then you have to take immediate action to go see a doctor and do some tests quickly to make sure there is nothing that needs to be worried.

Breath shortness

Our lungs help us breathe inhale and exhale without any difficulty. But sometimes due to the fluid being accumulated, it becomes difficult for the oxygen and carbon dioxide movement. Lying down will even make it a worse situation as the oxygen supply will be limited. Despite staying fit, you will still be coughing. This could be due to asthma, anemia, or any other infection. There are rare cases of valve problem that builds up fluids in the lungs. Make sure there are no serious health conditions that affect your heart as exercise can carve out a healthy heart.

Lightheadedness or a state of dizziness

This is a common sign for many diseases and it is difficult to judge the sign and conclude whether it is due to a heart problem. This happens when our body experiences dehydration or if you have woken up early from sleep. If this lightheadedness happens on a regular basis then you better consult your doctor asap.

Other signs that you must not ignore and that might help you assess heart failure early!

  • Snoring may seem very loud for some people while others do not have a sound at all. The medical name for snoring is sleep apnea and it happens when someone is overweighed or when there is an underlying heart-related problem. The person tends to stop breathing 5-30 times in an hour. An immediate medical approach is highly recommended in this condition.
  •  Losing teeth is an uncommon problem and sometimes it happens when there is a cavity problem. Even smokers will tend to lose their teeth. Losing more than a couple of teeth at a time is some serious problem that needs to be consulted.
  • Frequent cough that does not go away at all might be a sign of any heart-related issues. But common cold or infection can bring you a cough.
  • Swelling of the ankle or feet, if related to the heart will have shortness of breath or fatigue along with it. Those women who are pregnant and people with varicose veins will have swollen legs. If you travel around and you will be able to travel around only for a limited time then that cause should be noted. This happens when the heart has a reduced capacity to pump the blood efficiently which might be the cause of heart disease. The earliest thing you could do is to consult a doctor and see what’s the best cure for it.
  • Hip and leg muscle pain, while you walk, is due to old age or a lack of exercise where fat plaque buildup will put you at a higher risk of heart disease.
  • Hearing your heartbeat while you fall asleep may be due to a faulty valve. Changing the sleeping position is not the answer to stop hearing it. At times, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, dehydration, or other causes may be the culprit behind this loud heartbeat that can be heard.
  • Getting migraines frequently might be the sign of an underlying cardiovascular problem that you might have never known. Don’t take any chances to risk yourself as seeing a doctor at the earliest will pave way for a healthier tomorrow.
  •  Depression is not a certain cause of heart problem but mental well-being is essential for physical well-being. People who are depressed about life problems are at probable risk of heart disease. Those with heart disease are at risk as they will have a tendency to be in a depressed state of mind.

So, take a sudden and immediate action when you experience any of the above signs. You can probably save a life.

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