Sleep Deprivation: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

sleep deprivation

A reckless lifestyle is a personal flaw and that puts one into uninvited troubles that affect both physically and mentally. Sleep is the most important pillar of life that human beings must follow, let their body to rest after being awake and active for three-fourth of a day. One must rethink while abusing their own life without enough sleep and must expect unforeseen consequences that could swallow their health quality one way or the other.

Our discussion on Sleep Deprivation will give you an idea of how life can change with the chance of increasing these health conditions that could worsen at times.  The younger generation is not made aware of the health consequences they will have to deal with. They just follow doing things that are prevailed in this world, what others do.

An adult is supposed to sleep around 7-9 hours each day and it varies according to age. If lack of sleep goes on and on, you will be at a risk of an increase in stress hormones, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, weight gain, memory, and other health-related problems. Sleep Deprivation occurs when you lack enough sleep or if you have a sleeping disorder. According to researches, the effect of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance can be reversed.


Sleep Deprivation

Sleep hormones are the hormones that make you feel sleepy at night and they also influence the timing of when you feel sleepy and awake. Sleep Deprivation is a common cause in a world that we live in and happens when staying awake becomes a prolonged thing due to so many reasons. This disrupts one’s sleep cycle if the lack of sleep is less than 6 hours each day.

The younger generation including the adults and kids are after online games, especially the PUBG madness, stay awake to sleep lesser hours each day. On a continuous go, this will have a serious impact on their health, an atrocious one that will slowly deplete their daily life and ruptures their health. In the long run, your life will be more complicated with physical and mental health alteration, memory problems, mood swings, and other conditions.

sleep deprivation

If there is no adequate sleep obtained through alteration in sleeping patterns, you will be in trouble and end up undetermined. You will never have to be concerned if it is an occasional skip of sleep. But in the long run, you will succumb to mental disabilities along with your physical health deterioration.

Scientific evidence proves that lack of quality sleep will weaken one’s immune system and the body will gain more weight. Not that all, you will also experience a lack of productivity, sleeping more during day time, lack of concentration, obesity, emotional discomfort, irritable distractions, and bad work performance.

Causes of Sleep Deprivation 

Lack of sleep can cause our body to resist the production of cytokines that are essential for fighting against infections. The strength of our immune system will blow off, recovery time from an illness will take longer than usual. Our body will be prone to chronic health conditions.

Let’s discuss some of the main causes of Sleep deprivation

  • Our body needs adequate sleep for better functioning. Leading a choosy life the way you want that involves more of staying awake at night, watching your favorite tv series, playing an online multiplayer game or socializing can disengage our body to send and receive signals properly.
  • A clogged nose or cold that is regular in life will keep us waking up during sleep uncountable times. This will lead us to sleep deprivation. Snoring can also have an adverse effect on your quality of sleep.
  • People who are involved in shift-based work, especially those working in BPO’s or as a cabin crew will tend to have a disrupted sleep cycle.
  • Lying on the bed thinking and worrying about matters will push you towards sleep deprivation
  • Conditions like sleep apnea, snoring and limp movement disorder can wake you up at night.
  • Some drugs used for medication of treating other illnesses can be problematic.
  • When the environment is absurd, with an annoying and unruly neighbor, a heated or chilled room or snoring caused by yourself or partner, can alter your sleep cycle.
  • Being habitually unhygienic that includes smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee a while before bedtime can stimulate your nervous system and you will have an unlikely feeling to sleep.
  • If there are newborns at home who cry at night regularly and you end up waking up to help them, then this will regularly keep your mind unstable. Also, read our Resurge review to know about a potent deep sleep weight loss support solution

Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

  • Reduced or low sex drive will be a devastating turning point in one’s life that will reduce libido through a low testosterone level.
  • Memory problems, short term or long term can affect your daily life and will be responsible for work-related flaws. Fatigue will keep you so weak all-day
  • Repeated yawning and moodiness will be distress that will lead to sleepiness during day time
  • There will not be a presence of motivation in doing things.
  • Your cravings for carbohydrates will hit the top and appetite will be increased
  • Understanding and learning a new thing or concept will be a hardship filled task
  • Lack of concentration will distress you
  • You will be fussy and anxious about each and everything you do in life
  • Irritability and depressed mood is going to ruin your happiness and others too
  • Reaction time will slow down and you will not be alert enough to grasp things happening around you.

Sleep Deprivation – Treatment

Curing your sleep deprivation can be different depending on the condition. You need a doctor’s attention to cure it if it’s severe. Or else, self-caring tips can help you.

Self-care tips

  • Follow a daily routine to wake up and sleep
  • Sleeping earlier than usual so that you get enough sleep
  • Avoid smoking or drinking coffee a while before you sleep
  • Sleep in a dark room that has no annoying sounds, earplugs, and sleep masks can help you sleep peacefully.
  • Keep the bedroom ambient and cozy along with a perfect room temperature that is neutral
  • Switch off the lights to get a better sleep
  • Relaxation techniques can help you sleep early
  • Cure snoring problems and then you will sleep without any problem
  • Soothing music can give you a night of quality sleep.
  • Avoid tv or other distractive objects that can ruin your sleep
  • Regular exercise will help your body to sleep early
  • avoid eating dinner when its bedtime

When a doctor’s care is needed

There are sleeping pills that will put you to bed easily and you will be unaware of the things that are happening around you. Doctors prescription is mostly mandatory for purchasing these pills from the medical store as the pills are very effective and an overdose can lead to death. Regular and uncontrollable use of the pills will lead to other health conditions that you need to take care of. So the best thing recommended is to follow a non-medical strategy to help yourself.

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