nuGlow RGB Light Therapy Review- Best Treatment Panel For Glowing Skin

nuGlow RGB Light Therapy Skincare review

Welcome to nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review. You have already read about the wonders of light therapy but are yet to experience its benefits. nuGlow RGB Light Therapy reviews have already grabbed your attention, and you too wish to get flawless and radiant skin.


nuGlow RGB Light Therapy Review: A Sleek Designed Breakthrough Treatment Option!

nuGlow RGB Light Therapy promises different types of skin benefits, which you have already seen and heard about in nuGlow RGB Light Therapy reviews, and you wish to try it too. We are going to help you make a decision on purchasing this product by giving you an honest nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review.

nuGlow RGB Light Therapy Skincare review

The light therapy has been around for about three decades and was actually developed by the scientists of NASA who used it for plant growth experiments and soon found it to be quite effective for tissue repair and healing. These days several aestheticians use it to regenerate skin or to treat acne or other skin issues. Let us discuss more in this nuGlow RGB light therapy review.

Product Title nuGlow RGB Light Therapy
Creator Matthew Caldera
Category Skin Care
Main Benefits Helps to Cure Skin-related issues.
Specification LED skincare treatment with red, blue, and green lights.
Duration 10 minutes therapy session
Price $399.00
Warranty 3 years
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

What’s All About nuGlow RGB Light Therapy 2020

nuGlow RGB Light Therapy is based on LED skincare treatment, where different wavelengths of light are used to treat the skin. As per nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, nuGlow RGB therapy offers red, blue, and green lights.

There are many benefits of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy, and they include regulation of natural oil production of the skin, treatment of acne, reducing fine lines or wrinkles, stimulating elastin and collagen, and also helping with rashes. There are some wavelengths that can reduce dark spots and regularize uneven skin tone too.

The spectrum of light used in nuGlow RGB Light Therapy doesn’t harm you because there are no UV rays present in light therapy – tan or skin burn is never caused by the usage of this nuGlow RGB Light Therapy.

How Benefiting is the nuGlow RGB Light Therapy

  • nuGlow RGB Light Therapy skincare gives you flawless skin in just 10 minutes. There are immense skin benefits achieved, which are as below:
  • Your skin is tightened
  • It smoothens your skin and reduces aging
  • Helps in fading dark spots on your face
  • It also controls oil on the face and shrinks pores
  • Helps with inflammation on your skin
  • It betters the skin sensitivity and pampers your rough skin
  • It also gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles to give a naturally glowing and youthful-looking skin
  • By reading nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, nuGlow RGB Light Therapy doesn’t contain ultraviolet rays and is completely safe to use.
  • nuGlow natural RGB light therapy doesn’t burn your skin, unlike other anti-aging treatments such as chemical peels, laser therapies, or dermabrasion. It is safe for all skin types and colors.
  • It is a very handy product and will fit in your bag easily. Whether you are traveling or going to the office, you can easily carry it around and take your treatment when you are free because you just need 10 minutes for this therapy.
  • nuGlow RGB Light Therapy also eliminates the problem of visiting the dermatologists frequently for your sessions. You can also save a lot of money in the long-run, which you would otherwise spend expensive products on your skincare routine.

Who Developed and Designed nuGlow RGB Light Therapy skincare

nuGlow RGB Light has been founded by Matthew Caldera. He, along with his team of experts, look forward to developing self-care products that are not just easy to use but also budget-friendly. Their company aims in improving the lives of people by providing them with products that have been created with cutting-edge technology.

Caldera believes that modern science and technology have a lot of potentials, and he is on a journey to explore that potential and bring it to the people. He is offering nuGlow RGB Light Therapy with a money-back guarantee and 3 years warranty, so people know that nuGlow RGB Light Therapy is a reliable product that actually works.

Creator of nuGlow RGB light therapy copy

How Exactly Does The nuGlow RGB Light Therapy Work?

According to nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, nuGlow RGB Light Therapy uses light in the visible spectrum – yellow, blue, red, and amber along with the light that is visible beyond the spectrum to treat the various skin conditions. The light penetrates the various depths of the skin; the level of penetration depends on the wavelength of the light.

The receptors present in the skin absorb this light, similar to how they would receive topical skincare products, and every color of light stimulates that penetrates the skin offers a different cure. Light therapy is safe for all skin tones and types. One of the top benefits that are associated with light therapy is that there is no discomfort at all.

Moreover, the results after getting light therapy are instant. Your skin will have a glow as soon as you finish the 10 minutes therapy session. It is ideal for substituting the processes of lasers, peels, and micro-needling. You can get glowing and smooth skin without having to undergo any painful procedures or spend thousands of dollars on expensive treatments.

What’s included in the nuGLOW natural Light Therapy?

nuGlow RGB Light is a medical-grade therapeutic treatment panel that comprises of 32 pieces of non-flickering LEDs. The panel is fixed over an adjustable and detachable stand. There are an LCD controller and a timer fixed at the bottom of the panel. It is a small size that makes it a portable device that can also be carried around safely in your bag when you are traveling.

As mentioned in nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, the kit comprises a stand on which the panel with LEDs stands, a power chord sunglasses that must be worn when you are using the therapy, and a user instruction guide. The instructions must be followed for the best results.

There are three wavelengths in, and you can pick the color you want to according to your skin requirement:

  • Red Light 620 NM: It helps in maintaining elastin and collagen, and it will help you reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin
  • Green Light 490 NM: It helps you get an even skin tone so you can flaunt a natural-looking radiant skin.
  • Blue Light 450 NM: It helps in clearing your skin from acne. It also stops any further outbreaks and gives you beautiful glowing skin.

NuGlow RGB Light Therapy Skincare copy

Merits and Demerits of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy


  • It is an FDA registered treatment method and is safe to be used by all adults.
  • nuGlow RGB Light Therapy comes with a 30-day trial guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy, then you can send them back and claim your money.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty. If there is any problem with nuGlow RGB Light Therapy, the company will get it repaired for you.


A study conducted in 2018 clearly showed that LED treatments do not have any adverse effects on the people using it. Experts say that light therapies do not have any side effects when used in the right way. We also tried nuGlow RGB Light Therapy and did not find any side effects to it.

By reading nuGlow RGB Light Therapy review, The LED devices created for home therapies are made with lesser power compared to professional settings to ensure that they don’t harm the user. When followed according to the instructions given, there are no cons or side effects of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy and can be safely used by the adults to fix their skin issues.

nuGlow RGB light therapy customer review

Who can try out nuGlow RGB Light Therapy?

Any adult with skin problems can use this light therapy to improve their skin. Skincare with RGB Light Therapy offers many benefits, and regular usage gives you a flawless, youthful, and glowing skin.

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What is the price tag for nuGlow RGB Light Therapy, and where can you order it?

The creator has priced nuGlow RGB Light Therapy nominally for the customers. You can purchase it for $399. nuGlow RGB Light Therapy is available on their website. They offer worldwide shipping to their customers.

Final Thoughts

Most of us look for skin therapies to get bright and glowing skin. nuGlow RGB Light Therapy helps with skin rejuvenation, sensitive and inflammatory conditions, sun damage, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, scarring wound healing, and even restoring skin’s radiance.

Customers have posted hundreds of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy reviews, success stories, and feedback on their experience of using nuGlow RGB Light Therapy. Besides, we did a lot of research and tried nuGlow RGB Light Therapy to ensure its authenticity. nuGlow RGB Light Therapy works well and is result-oriented.

The creator of nuGlow RGB Light Therapy also offers a 30 day trial period for the users along with a 3-year warranty, ensuring that nuGlow RGB Light Therapy will work for you like it has for thousands of other customers.

The results are promising, provided you use it regularly and as directed by the manufacturer. We think nuGlow RGB Light Therapy works, and you can try this product too.

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