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neuroactive supplement reviews

Here’s a detailed NeuroActiv6 review on how the supplement works and differs from the many in the market!

Have you ever came across a situation when you felt blank while trying to recall a single word? Embarrassed in public when not able to recall your phone number? The memory problem is a common concern among people of all ages these days. If you think it can’t be reversed, you’ve got it wrong!

Though there are many nootropics available in the market, it can be a bit difficult to find a safe and healthy one. There are many that claim to ensure mental, physical, and comprehensive wellbeing, quite a few are trustworthy.

Product NameNeuroActiv6
Main BenefitsEnhances the ability to focus and concentrate
CategoryBrain Health
Result2 to 3 months
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here


NeuroActiv6 ReviewsSupport Mood, Focus, And Mental Energy!

Neuroactiv6 Reviews

I have been through many stores and online portals to find the best one to improve memory and cognitive functions. As these medicines are said to affect our brain health, it is important to choose wisely. One shouldn’t fall for attractive advertisements or false claims. 

After reading a good number of positive NeuroActiv6 supplement reviews, I have decided to give it a try. Here’s how the supplement changed my life explained in this review.           

What is NeuroActiv6 supplement?

I was hesitant to buy the NeuroActiv6 supplement, thinking whether it will also be as same as other nootropic supplements. When studied the supplement background, I came to know that it was newly introduced by the company called NaturalCell. As mentioned on their official website, the supplement focuses on a comprehensive range of health benefits. 

The manufacturer claims that the supplement is made of all-natural ingredients. It is also mentioned that the product contains no GMO, gluten, soy, and dairy ingredients. The brand is confident in their product, claiming it to be made adhering to the international quality standards. 

As said by the manufacturers, the supplement is produced partnering with one of the top supplements manufacturing companies in the US. Following are the major product claims by the company:

  • Enhances the ability to focus and concentrate
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Helps clear brain fog and mental fatigue
  • Enhances overall mood
  • Helps to feel relaxed and calm
  • Helps repair the cells
  • Acts as an energy booster
  • Contains anti-aging benefits 

NeuroActiv6 Ingredients 

I was convinced of buying the product when I ran down through the list of ingredients. It is said that all the ingredients are chosen carefully after thorough research and tests. There are mainly seven ingredients:

Cognizin/ citicoline

Cognizin/ citicoline

As mentioned in NeuroActiv6 review, it is one of the vital ingredients in the NeuroActiv6 supplement. Cognizin is a naturally made chemical found in the body. A decrease in the Cognizin level affects memory and cognitive speed. This ingredient in the NeuroActiv6 helps in improving memory and cognitive speed. 



The supplement contains Sensorilhwagandha, which is completely natural and had many benefits. It aids in reducing stress, cognitive speed, enhancing mood swings. The ingredient is clinically proven to give 100% results. 



We all knew the medicinal benefits of turmeric. The turmeric content in this nootropic supplement helps healthy inflammatory response. It also enhances the blood flow to the brain and the body’s antioxidant capacity.

Grape seed extract

Grape seed extract

The grape seeds are carefully collected from the California grapes. The Activin element in the grape seeds helps in improving a healthy inflammatory response. It also helps reduce oxidative stress. 

Activ B energy complex

Activ B energy complex

The blend of B vitamins are known to promote mental energy. 

Organic Mediterranean berries, fruits, and vegetable blend

Organic Mediterranean berries, fruits, and vegetable blend

As per some of the studies, the Mediterranean diet helps improve cognitive function and reduces aging signs. 

Coffee fruit extract

Coffee fruit extract

The patented NeuroFactor is made from the whole fruit of the coffee plant. It is found to increase BDNF levels in humans.           

Almost all the ingredients are patented and all-natural to ensure the safety of the customers. 

What benefits can you expect?

While consuming NeuroActiv6, I have experienced quite a lot of positive changes in my body. Some of the notable benefits of the supplement are as stated:

  • It improves mental speed, clarity, and alertness. One will feel energized mentally and physically.  
  • I was able to think faster and clearer than before. It helped reduced my brain fog and mental fatigue.
  • I was feeling calm and my mood swings disappeared. It supports the general well being.
  • I could notice the anti-aging signs disappearing slowly. It helped me regain my youth. 
  • The supplement made me feel energetic all the time. The energy it provides is not short-term. You will be constantly energetic and vibrant. 
  • It helped me slowly defend my age-related mental strains.  

Side effects, Dosage & How to use it?

I think I don’t need to explain again that the product is made of all-natural and pure ingredients, which cannot do any harm to the body. As far as the NeuroActiv6 reviews online and offline, there are no side effects reported to date. All the ingredients are clinically studied and tested.

The supplement is quality-control certified after laboratory testing and undergone a Certificate of Analysis. It is manufactured following all the rules and regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration.

It is advised to consume one scoop of 5-6g of NeuroActiv6 supplement every day. As it comes in powdered formula, you can conveniently mix and drink with your favorite smoothie or even a plain glass of water. 

As per my experience, the product induces no side effects like other nootropics in the market. However, one should consider whether they are allergic to any of the ingredients or not.    

Neuroactiv6 dosage

Is It a Magic pill?

Ironically, there are a few speculations to portray NeuroActiv6 Mentally Charged supplement as a magic pill that offers over-the-night results. However, the supplement comes in a powdered form and not as pills. There is nothing magical about this nootropic supplement, other than ensuring some magical results. 

I should call it a magical supplement for the results I have witnessed within a few days of continuous intake. It has many notable natural ingredients that do wonders in the body. You shall try and experience whether it is magical or not by yourself.      

How long will it take to see the result? 

Every supplement has some stipulated periods to show the exact results. However, it may vary from person to person. Each individual’s body is different, and it responds differently to the ingredients. 

To see the best results, one should consume the supplement for at least 2 to 3 months continuously. I started noticing the changes within a few weeks, but, they were visible only after the second month of usage. 

How long would the results stay?

It is ideal to wait for at least two-three months to see the results. To have long-term results, one shall also follow a healthy lifestyle. Persistent intake of the NeuroActiv6 supplement combined with a healthy lifestyle can give you lasting results. It might last up to one or two years if you maintain healthy practices.   

NeuroActiv6 customer review

Price & Where to get it?

Do not end up with any fraudulent sites to purchase the supplement! To avoid such mistakes, purchase the product from their official website only. Doing that will also help you gain some price benefits as well. The pricing of the supplement is given on the official website as follows:

  • The started pack of one bottle is available at just $ 45.95/month
  • The best value package comes in four bottles for $38.33 each
  • The three bottles package is available at just $ 43.33 each   

Fortunately, the manufacturer also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the product. If unsatisfied, you can return the product and get your refund within 60-days of purchase. 

Your purchase is safe with a legitimate money-back offer and best pricing.  

Final Verdict

As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher”. I just anyone to try the product to see the results rather than going through all the NeuroActiv6 reviews on the web. It has not received any negative reviews or reports as of now. It suggests that the supplement is safe and result-oriented. 

As there is a money-back guarantee, one can safely try the product without taking any risks. I would recommend the product to anyone poor in memorizing and cognitive speed. It can also be used to enhance physical and mental vigor too. 

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