My Survival Farm Review – Dan Sullivan’s PDF Guide Analyzed!

My survival farm review

Here is the most unbiased My Survival Farm review. It’s always helpful to a person to know a few fundamentals regarding farming to sustain independently. Subsequently, people who don’t have any knowledge regarding this are bound to land up in a position of bother at the time of crisis.

Product Title My Survival Farm 
Type English
Creator Dan F Sullivan
Category Gardening
Price $39
Official Website Click Here


My Survival Farm Review – Dan Sullivan’s PDF Guide Worth Buying?

For instance, knowing a few handfuls of things would let you deal with a situation of shortage of food. In this My Survival Farm review, you will get to know all that’s needed about the My Survival Farm guide to enrich your life, so that at the end you have all the clarity before buying it.

my survival farm review

About My Survival Farm PDF Guide

My Survival Farm book provides you with the necessary details on how to grow various kinds of vegetables and fruits. This book promises to enrich you with substantial valuable knowledge to let you sustain in a major catastrophe. The author of My Survival Farm is Dan F Sullivan.

Dan is an expert in the field of agriculture and has been involved in gardening for many years as well. Therefore, the credibility of the author is evident that all the knowledge you perceive is instrumental and trustworthy. In recent times, this book has become really popular for in-depth and valuable information regarding personal farming.

What’s included in My Survival Farm Book?

While going through this my survival farm overview, you will soon realize how incredibly helpful the decision to my survival farm buy could be for you and your family.

  • A Secret Garden

You will find a part of this book that will educate on how to keep your garden a secret by making it invisible to the naked eye of another living being. As per My Survival Farm review, this will result in eliminating all the threats lurking regarding your grown crops. In case there is a stage of famine in your area, it’s not desirable or you to see any other person hiding in your garden area.

  • Keeping the pests in control

One of the primary concerns for an individual while preparing a garden is how to stay away from the various pests. You will find a section in My Survival Farm by Dan F Sulliva that will guide you on how to deal with these pests to protect your garden. Eventually, following the instructions will result in your crops growing at a healthy rate with any damage.

  • Medicinal Plants

The book provides you with detailed growing instructions for more than 50 different plants, which will yield you with natural therapeutic values. My Survival Farm review states that if you follow these instructions correctly, you’ll get to know how effective the processes are to grow plants producing medicines with natural remedies.

These detailed procedures will be of utmost value to you if you have trouble relying on the prescription drugs that are generally used and are readily available in the market. And, by following the given procedures completely, you’ll be able to produce various plants that will help treat some significant medical conditions.

  • Blueprint for your garden

The book will provide you with detailed planning and measures that need to be taken for letting you have an ideal garden. Further, the procedures are quite simple and straightforward for any individual to follow.

Before the beginning of planting in your garden as per My Survival Farm review, this becomes vital for you to go through this section. Moreover, you will be learning the process of preparing fertile garden soil for your fruits and vegetables to thrive.

  • Additional security

You’ll find that the book has some unbelievable easy steps for you to keep your garden secure by growing hedges around your back yard. Not just your garden, the fences will provide you with additional security to your home. Therefore, the book also addresses the major issue of theft by offering you a guide to growing hedges.

How does My Survival Farm work?

The current scenario in the world has turned into a social regime like issues of Climate Change and Global Warming being at the forefront of all the world leaders. A lot is needed to be done to deal with the ongoing environmental issues. Therefore, the sole purpose of My Survival Farm is to prepare you to cope up with this situation to survive. When the majority of the population would be striving for survival, you would be thriving in the same scenario.

My Survival Farm review states that according to a recent survey, the overall price, and hunger index will be on a rising trend, which will result in an increase in poverty all around the globe. And the present scenario of surviving on credit cards needs to stop. Further, the same report suggests that the overall population is approaching another major crisis.

With the unraveling of the crisis, wise people have already started taking precautionary measures for their survival. And the crisis is most probably going to loom over for nearly two decades. Therefore, you need such an enormous amount of stockpile for survival during this impending disaster.

Considering the survey, there arises a couple of questions that need to be addressed: With the current resources, for how long you will be able to survive? And Do you have the food resources which you can manage for months and also years?

Availing for My Survival Farm pdf, if not the book, can be a crucial factor in determining your survival until the end of the major crisis. But, the piling of food stocks won’t be enough; therefore, one needs to know how to produce them, because there will be a situation when the stock will get depleted and you have to take some steps to ensure the survival of you and your family.

About the Author Dan Sullivan 

The author of this program is Dan F Sullivan. Dan F Sullivan is an expert in the field of agriculture and has been a renowned gardener for many years. Further, Dan F Sullivan also owns the website called and is also the editor in chief of his website.

Features of My Survival Farm Book

  • You’ll learn how to plant over 120 plants along with a suitable climate for each of them.
  • Additional tips to secure your garden from potential looters.
  • Detailed instructions on how to grow and use more than 50 medicinal plants, which will help you cure some significant diseases.
  • My Survival Farm review says that the book explains about the Facts and tricks about creating permaculture work in confined areas.
  • Steps to eliminate the threat of pests without the use of pesticides.
  • List of animals that are permaculture-friendly.
  • List of perennial plants that will yield food for the entire year without getting replanted.
  • Assurance of keeping your garden healthy and maintaining the fertility of the soil.
  • Procedures for creating a high-yield survival garden.

Who Should Download My Survival Farm PDF?

Any individual who believes in taking precautionary measures before it’s too late should consider buying the My Survival Farm book. It will be most beneficial for people residing in rural areas where there is no availability of decent retail markets or grocery stores. This is a must-try for someone who believes in being independent when it comes to survival, even at the period of most vulnerability.

Pros and Cons of My Survival Farm Book


  • My Survival Farm review states that the book addresses the procedures in which planting can be done with the absence of water and sunlight.
  • You will be able to grow more than 120 plants with varied costs as per your budget.
  • Irrespective of the situation, you will be able to grow your crops in a simple manner.
  • Tips are also provided to create and protect a healthy garden along with detailed information about permaculture.
  • There is also an option of a 60-days money-back guarantee in case you feel like the procedures didn’t yield you desirable results.
  • You can avail of my survival farm pdf download and my survival farm free download using your Internet.


  • As mentioned earlier in My Survival Farm review, having an Internet connection is a prerequisite for buying the product, as it’s available online only.
  • It might be a time taking process for those who don’t read the entire book properly.

Benefits of My Survival Farm Guide

  • Efficient product

You will be saving huge money once you start growing your plant without purchasing them from grocery stores.

  • Inner harmony

The best thing about not being dependent on somebody else for your own survival results in self-contentment and, eventually, it leads to peaceful wellbeing.

  • Natural cure

Your garden will be suitable for growing a variety of medicinal plants, which will help you in curing significant diseases by using these natural products.

Is My Survival Farm a Scam?

If you are thinking whether this program is a scam or not, then you have come to the right place, and after reading this My Survival Farm review, you will get your dilemma clarified.

My Survival Farm Price & Plans

The product will be available to you at a nominal price of $39. And, if you consider the resources you get, it definitely exceeds $100, and therefore it won’t be wrong to say that you get My Survival Farm at a discount as compared to such other programs.

My Survival Farm Bonuses

The five My Survival Farm bonuses as per My Survival Farm review are;

  • Canning Authority.
  • Veggie Profits.
  • Permaculture Action Plan and Checklist.
  • Family Survival Blueprint.
  • SHTF Water.

my survival farm bonus


This is the most honest review of all the other my survival farm reviews you’ll find on the Internet because it’s based on personal experience. Therefore, if you want to thrive and just not survive in the upcoming crisis, avail the program and make it a better living for yourself and your family.

My Survival Farm Review FAQ

From where can I buy My Survival Farm?

You can buy it on the official website of the company

Can the plants be produced in the absence of water and sunlight?

The author has addressed the issue of shortage of water in substantial parts all over the world. Therefore, you will be able to produce healthy vegetables and fruits without requiring water and sunlight.

Will I be able to develop organic fertilizers after availing My Survival Farm?

Yes, you can develop them, as the guide has an entire section regarding this.

What if the program doesn’t yield me any value, and I feel like returning it. Will I be able to?

The company provides you with a 60-days money-back guarantee. Therefore, you will get a complete refund only if you return it within 60 days of buying, and you don’t even have to be answerable to the company for returning it.

What are the known ailments that can be cured of the medicinal plants?

As the plants produced are entirely natural; you can cure any disease by using the medicinal plants. A few diseases which can be cured are Asthama, Bronchitis, severe cold and fever, arthritis, etc.

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