Lean Building Review: Does It Help To Increase Your Tone And Athleticism?

Lean Building reviews

This is an in-depth Lean Building Review. Different people have different goals for their physical health. Some examples of these goals include losing or gaining weight, becoming more athletic, and improving strength. There are different types of workouts that help you achieve each of these goals- such as high-intensity interval training for improving endurance and strength training to improve strength.

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Lean Building Review: Become More Stronger And Healthier!

However, what if there is an exercise program that allows you to achieve multiple goals at once? That is exactly what the Lean Building program offers. Intrigued? Want more information about the program to decide whether or not to enroll? Stick around and read this article for an honest Lean Building review!

Lean Building review

About Lean Building Program

The Lean Building program was designed by Jill Coleman to help women improve their physical fitness- which is especially important as they get older. The primary focus of the program is on helping women build muscle (known as hypertrophy), although it offers numerous other benefits as well for physical as well as mental health. According to the Lean Building review, It helps you increase your tone and athleticism, and improves metabolism. It is designed in such a way that it maintains a balance between intensity, effectiveness, and time.

Features of Lean Building System

Here below in this Lean Building review a summary of the features of the program:

  • 12-weeks long
  • 25 workouts in total
  • Each workout is 15-45 minutes long
  • Workouts are delivered in video and PDF format

About Lean Building Creator

Jill Coleman is the creator of the program. She is an expert couch, having been in the fitness industry for 22 years. Over these years, she has experimented with various workout styles, from cardio to bodybuilding to powerlifting, but swears by the lean building workout method as it is the most effective one.

She is an entrepreneur, the co-founder of Metabolic Effects, Inc., and a blogger. Her work has been featured in several publications including Women’s Health Magazine, SELF magazine, and LiveStrong. She is also a cover model for several national magazines.

Jill Coleman

Pros and Cons of Lean Building Book


  • The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The workouts are all delivered in video and PDF format. This makes it easier for you to have access to them even if you are traveling.
  • According to the Lean Building review, There is a 30-day refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.
  • The format of the videos is simple and easy to follow. No more than 6 exercises are included in each video.
  • Modifications are included for injuries and chronic pain, especially for plyometrics and cardio. Modifications are also given to those who don’t have access to barbells.


  • Lean Building is not suitable for those who don’t want to gain muscle.
  • The program is intense, so it may not be suitable for those who are susceptible to injury or illness.
  • Since the workouts are delivered as pre-recorded videos, you cannot clear doubts on a particular workout instantly.
  • It wouldn’t be effective for those who cannot invest at least 3 days a week for exercise.

How does Lean Building eBook work?

The program is 12-weeks long, divided into 4-week sections. You will be training 5 days a week, 3 of which will be Swole-6 Days that are meant to help you build muscle. The other 2 days are Detail Days, meant to condition your metabolism and maintain leanness.

There are 25 workouts in total which follow the ‘progressive overload’ structure. This means that as the weeks progress, you will be increasing the weights that you are training with. Additionally, you’ll also have access to 5-minute bonus burnout videos, meant to push you a little further.

Physical Fitness for Women

Note that you will be sore after these workouts as a high intensity of exercise are crammed into a short period of time. Several muscle groups in your body will be targeted and you will perform different types of exercises. As per the Lean Building review, This may come as a shock to your body, especially if you are new to this Lean Building PDF. But don’t worry, as the program provides several guidelines on how to deal with soreness.

Also, note that you shouldn’t overtrain your body and must give it sufficient time to rest and recover from the workouts. Don’t do multiple workout programs at once- focus on one at a time. If you try to do too much- more than what your body can handle- it will be counterproductive and you will not see the results that you are expecting.

Now let’s talk about the logistics of the program. After enrolling, you will receive an email with your username and password. You can access the website from any device, as it is mobile-friendly. You can then log in to the website using your credentials and click on the ‘Start Program’ to access the workout videos. You can check out the suggested calendar to get an overview of what you’ll be doing each day.

Along with videos, you’ll have access to the workout PDFs. Download and go through them to be clear on the workouts to do that day and the equipment you need.

Who is the program for?

This program is specifically designed for women who would like to build their lean mass and muscle. Moreover, these workouts are suitable for people of all fitness levels. This program would benefit you even if you’ve never maintained a vigorous exercise routine before. According to the Lean Building review, you are given regressions as a Metabolic Effect’s rest-based approach is used in the program. Since you’ll have lifetime access to the workouts, you can be flexible in your exercise regimen. Follow the program based on your individual needs- just make sure to be consistent.

Moreover, please make sure to consult a doctor if you are unsure about whether or not it is safe for you to participate in the program, especially if you’re at a higher risk for illness or injury.

Lean Building Customer Reviews

Over 12,000 women have beta-tested lean building workouts. The following are just some of the great things customers have said about the program”

“I think this has been my favorite so far- works a bit of everything and gets that cardio in without having to do cardio (yuck!) haha and gets those quads burning at the end after isometric lunging and doing those jump squats. It’s short, sweet, and very to the point. Well designed! Thanks, Jill!”

“Thanks for another great workout! My legs felt like jelly by the time I was done, and I love it! I’m definitely using this one in my regular routine. I can really feel that my muscles have been asked to work. I like how this leg routine targeted different muscles than the last leg workout you sent on 30/30. I’ll be using both of these in my regular routine.”

“I really enjoyed this workout. It was long enough that I was sweaty and a little shaky, but not so long that it wore me out. I like the feeling of powering up select muscle groups, so these are my preferred type of workout. I did do the max reps during the amrap so I’ll be upping my weight next time.”

Lean Building Workout program review


This program is an amazing opportunity for women who would like to improve their physical health as well as looks. Lean Building review proves that by training using these workouts, you will feel stronger, healthier, and more confident. The workouts are bite-sized, so you are not cramming too much into one exercise session.

You can also download the Lean Building program to take it wherever you go- especially if you are someone who travels a lot. Extensive time-commitment is not required- as long as you have 15 minutes to spare to cater to your physical health, you’re good to go! Moreover, there is a big community of supportive women out there who are also following the Lean Building workout plan. You can join groups on Facebook to be a part of these communities, for posting updates and staying motivated.

Improving your health- physical or mental- is a journey. This program would be useful to you irrespective of which part of the journey you are in. So take this opportunity to move along in your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lean mass?

Lean body mass is the body mass obtained by subtracting the total body fat from the total body weight.

Why should I work on building lean body mass?

Building your lean body mass is crucial for losing weight, allowing you to look lean and toned. It is especially beneficial for those who would like to improve their athletic abilities. But building lean mass provides benefits beyond looks and athletics: it also improves your immunity and strengthens your bones.

Can I get in touch with Jill if I have any doubts?

Yes! You can contact her at this email: info@jillfit.com.

I am not able to access dumbbells because of the coronavirus situation. What should I do?

The program is meant to be done at the gym so that you will have access to all the equipment you need. However, due to the coronavirus situation, it’s okay to use moderate weight dumbbells (8-30 pounds). Note that you cannot complete the workouts without these dumbbells- bands wouldn’t work.

Should I stick to the calendar given in the program?

The suggested calendar is a sample workout routine that you can follow. However, you don’t have to feel pressured to stick to it. You can follow the workouts at your own pace, based on the needs of your body and the availability of time- just make sure to be consistent!

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