Kibo Code Quantum Reviews – Is It Really A Unique E-Commerce Business Model?

Kibo Code review

Welcome to our honest Kibo Code Quantum Review. Are you ready for a surprise? The most dramatic and exciting leap in the E-Commerce world over a decade is going to occur. Well, the best part is that with this latest model, there would be no up-front inventory order, so it means one won’t need any money to get started.

Another major advantage is no Facebook ads; meaning you won’t have to suffer the headache of dealing with Facebook and discussing a margin.


Kibo Code Quantum Reviews – Is This Course Worth Joining?

So, far it is good, however, it even gets better. You get to add your own brand and most importantly, you can do your own business right from anywhere in the world.

Isn’t it amazing? Well, that is what the Kibo Code is about. You get to do the e-commerce business in a different way that people haven’t seen. In this article, we are going to discuss the Kibo code Quantum reviews and their usefulness.

Kibo Code review

Product Title The Kibo Code Quantum
Language English
Author Aidan booth and Steve
Category eCommerce Training Course
Price $3497
Official Website Click Here

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All About Kibo Code Quantum Program

The Kibo Code Quantum is an 8-Week training program to assist people in creating a profitable business using a successful and unique style of e-commerce. This was used by Aidan and Steve and earned about eight figures in the past couple of years.

Compared to other e-commerce methods, this is easier and faster for individuals to implement, especially the ones who don’t have previous experience.

You don’t need to use Facebook, Amazon, and most importantly no inventory needed. The Kibo Code Quantum is simply based on the business model of a famous brick and mortar store located in Tokyo, Japan. With this model, businesses in Japan were able to make billions of dollars each year by selling all kinds of products.

Aidan booth and steve

What Can You Learn From The Kibo Code Quantum Course?

In this Kibocode reviews, you can know about the various modules present in Kibo Code Quantum. There are 7 modules that will show you all the necessary techniques you must follow for starting your online business.

Module 1 – Central Intelligence

Kibo Code Ecommerce Course Module 1

The first module is all about the basics of marketing. Here the creators wanted to make sure that every individual gets the benefits of the program. In this module, you will learn to start an eCommerce website from scratch.

Also, you will have a good understanding of using affiliate marketing to get the best profits on your products. They provide a series of detailed modules, each with step by step videos, strategy manuals, and more.

You do have the option to develop sales funnel by going through the instructions of this particular module and following the tips discussed in this Kibo Code Quantum review. Let’s see the details of this module.

  • Helps to start an eCommerce business right from the scratch
  • Teaches you to secure the first income within 48 hours after initial preparation works
  • They will show you to price your products with the highest profit, even though people will queue up to buy from you.
  • By using US-based product suppliers, you can avoid having a product inventory and upfront investment.

Module 2 – StoreStorm

Kibo Code StoreStorm

StoreStorm provides you a software suite that helps to set up your website in a professional manner with one click on the mouse. It will be easy for you to rule the eCommerce marketing by using some best creative strategies. This makes your site up, even if you have no technical experience.

Let’s see the synopsis of this module.

  • It helps you to establish an expert-designed site that automatically drives sales.
  • “THEME X” is a WordPress theme that includes multiple designs in one package itself.StoreStorm teaches to use “THEME X” to convert traffic into customers. This helps to generate sales of $76,000 each day.
  • It’s a great opportunity for the starters to get a massive head start as their mentors are highly experienced and experts in this field.

Module 3 – Hand-Picked products

Kibo Code Products

Hand-Picked products provide you with five unique products that will accomplish your success. Let’s see how it will help you.

  • They provide you with genuine money making products that will help to remove your guesswork.
  • Only three products are required to earn $2500 per day. But they are providing five right from the start.
  • If you have access to these handpicked products and by following the instructions are given by the experts you can see the money rolling into your account.

Warning: Only a limited number of products are available, so they limit the number of people that can join this program.

Remember: To earn a profit of $2500 you only need as little as three products. So the product they provide will be enough to start making money right from scratch.

Module 4 – Profit Vault

Kibo Code Profit Vault

Profit vault is a part of the software package that helps you to get the highest quality and most profitable product to sell. This module helps you to take all the boring, time consuming, and frankly risky product research out of the equation. Let’s see what all things are included in this module.

  • It pinpoints the highest quality products to sell
  • It also shows the suppliers who stock and supply those high-quality products.
  • By just clicking on a button you can filter down around 3 million products at a time.

Module 5 – The Traffic Black Box

The major benefit of this program as mentioned earlier in this Kibo Code Quantum Reviews is that you get to earn some good potential customers who make various purchases from your store every month.

One of the most important and necessary skills you need to learn in running a business is making traffic to your site. There are different ways described in the module for engaging your audience and for getting website traffic. They are

  • Teaches you to take advantage of major search engines to get your product listed for the profitable keywords without any SEO tactics.
  • It helps to get dirt-cheap clicks and profits without having to write any ad copy.
  • Teaches you to generate buyer leads who are actively searching your products
  • It helps to set up a simple sales strategy that doubles or triples your sales with minimal effort.

Module 6 – Oracle X

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 8.32.38 AM

Oracle X is a smart software suite. These tools are designed to handle all time consuming and complex part of the process. Let’s look at the details of this module.

  • Domain name selector is a tool that will help you to quickly pinpoint a high-quality domain to use for your site.
  • You can create stunning logos for your website even if you don’t have any designing skills using the “key code” in the proprietary design tool.
  • Automated store publishing software will allow you to get your website up, running, and online in record time.
  • The product populator tool will add fluff to your products that provide a credible look at your online store. This increases the confidence of the customers.
  • The listing builder will help you by automatically listing the products that you plan to sell.

Module 7- Kibo Academy

Kibo Code Academy Module

They will provide you support and assistance in this module. here is how it will work.

  • It is a private email-based system and will be available for 365 days per year. Whenever you need support or guide, you can mail them.
  • You can call out the experts after getting access to the “Rapid Response” help desk.
  • The Kibo code community is a group of exclusive members where you will get notifications regarding advanced tactics and other opportunities to generate income. You can contact the team at the help desk at any time as their service is 24/7.

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Kibo Code Creators- The Masterbrains

Do you know that Kibo Code is called as Kibo Code by Steve and Aidan? Well, this clearly shows you who its creators are. Let’s check out more about them.

  • About Steve Clayton


As the former CFO of a Fortune 500 company, he is popular for his excellent planning procedures. Also, he is considered to be one of the most successful digital marketing experts having an extensive portfolio.

In addition, Steve has extensive experience in e-commerce as well as affiliate websites and has made huge investments by purchasing online properties and increasing the revenue of the website. He is experienced in PPC, and excels in SEO, having continuous success in his own click bank products.

  • About Aidan Booth

Aidan booth

A native of New Zealand, Aidan grew up on a farm and later moved to Argentina in 2003 to be with his wife. Even though he had a degree in manufacturing and industrial engineering, he struggled to find employment as he wasn’t fluent in Spanish. So, he started to look for online jobs.

So, from a small website where the main traffic source comes from paid ads and minimal income, he rose to be widely known and popular as an online entrepreneur.

The Good And Bad-Talking Points About The Kibo Code Quantum Training Program

Well, Aidan and Steve are aware of the struggles people go through in learning something that is new as well as complicated in terms of marketing techniques. Keeping in mind all these factors, they have created the course and added all the background information you might need.


  • No Need For Investment: In this program, you will come across various methods to earn profits which is by selling products using your e-commerce store.  Most importantly, It is recommended in the Kibo Code Quantum Reviews that you won’t have to purchase any single product by following their technique.
  • Experienced Creators: This program is developed by marketing professions who are running their own e-commerce stores for a long time. So, by enrolling in this program, you can get their experience and easily run your store.


  • A Bit Expensive: Sometimes this course might not be affordable for everyone. The actual value of the course will be 8 times more than the current price, so it might not be affordable for all people.

Who Should Be Trying Kibo Code Quantum?

Kibo code is suitable for those individuals who want to begin their career in affiliate marketing business and e-commerce. As per the creators of this program, even a beginner or novice can enroll in this program as it covers all the basic marketing tactics in the first module itself.

A Look Back Into Previous Programs Of Aidan

  • Parallel Profit


One thing you do have to keep in mind that the Kibo code is not the first program developed by Steve and Aidan. The parallel Profit Program was the first program they created. This was an internet marketing course to help people begin their journey of making online money.

  • 7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

Another interesting marketing program developed by Steve and Aidan was the 7 Figure Cycle. This primarily focused on earning money through Amazon FBA. Frankly, in this course, they have shared all the necessary techniques you might need to adapt to your business for earning the 7 figure income using the Amazon FBA program.

  • 100k Factory

100k Factory

Developed by Steve and Aidan, this was focused on earning money online using various affiliate marketing techniques. After getting positive results from their students, they launched two different versions of this course.

Kibo Code Quantum Bonuses That Shouldn’t be Missed

Besides training you, this course will provide some big bonuses that you can easily use. The six major Kibo Code bonuses are mentioned below in the Kibo Code Quantum Reviews –

  • Personalized Training

The most important bonus is that you get a direct video call from the creator of this program. You can discuss your store or even asks for some tips for running your business in an efficient manner.

No doubt, this is an amazing opportunity that you must not avoid getting better insights about your store and that too from the creator of the program itself. An important thing to keep in mind is that you must make a proper business plan just before you use this option of contacting them as you don’t want to waste this perfect chance.

  • SEO Book

The second bonus you will get with this program is the SEO. You can easily optimize your store to gain better rankings on the search results. It is important for every business to check and optimize their SEO rankings so that they can get better results and sales.

In addition, you will easily know about the various factors you have to think in mind while updating the website with the latest products.

  • E-Mail Marketing

Here the third bonus is an email-marketing guide which is all about e-mail marketing tips. You will get accustomed to all the necessary secrets you can follow and master, regarding e-mail marketing. This is one of the major aspects of your business through which you can update your customers about the latest products and services.

Kibo Code

  • Amazon Marketing

No doubt, Amazon is considered the largest market for selling online products. Through this course, you can expand your business with the assistance of Amazon, thereby increasing your profits on all kinds of platforms.

You will get all the necessary tricks and trips you might require for mastering the art of selling your products and services on Amazon.

  • Increasing Subscribers Guide

With this bonus guide, you can increase the number of subscribers in your business. First, you must have a base of subscribers so that you can improve your business as well as inform them about the latest products. In addition, this guide will inform you on how to keep your subscribers active on the email list as well as the website.

  • Success Guide & Checklist

Kibo Code Quantum Review suggests that this course will provide the necessary details on creating an effective landing page for your website. For any kind of business, a landing page is necessary as well as important. It is through a webpage that a new customer becomes aware of the authority of the website.

Kibo Code Quantum Price And Plans

The Kibo Code Quantum price is $3497. You have the option to make payment for the course through three installments and each of the installments is $1167.

Kibo Code bonus

Kibo Code conclusion

No doubt, this Steve and Aidan Kibo Code will seriously gain a lot of attraction as it provides a lot of things so far mentioned in this Kibo Code Quantum Review. Any individual planning to get rid of their 9-5 job can join this program and gain some best methods to earn money.

As the creators of this program are well-versed in marketing and have been doing it for quite some time, you might be able to earn some good revenue. Of course, you might get enticed in trying as the creators themselves created millions of dollars just by following the methods present in this program.

More details of the product will be only available on the Kibo Code Quantum website once the product is released. We really like to know your reviews about this Kibo code.

Frequently asked questions

When will be the launch of Kibo Code?

Kibo Code will be launching in January 2020.

What makes the program so special?

Aidan and Steve are the creators of the Kibo Code. The previous program created by Aidan and steve is parallel profits,100k factory, and 7 figure cycle.

Is Kibo Code Worthy of $3497?

Yes. You might be able to earn some good revenue using the Kibo code.

What does Kibo Code bonuses offers?

Besides training you, this course will provide some big bonuses that you can easily use. With this bonus guide, you can increase the number of subscribers in your business.

For how long can I use these plans?

You can use these plans lifetime. Because when you purchase the product, you get its lifetime access.

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