Is Running Really A Good Fat Burning Exercise?

Running Benefits

Our body needs to burn more calories than the consumption that our body is involved in. One of the best ways is by doing exercise to help us from being overweighed, instead maintain a healthy body. One such method that we must follow to maintain a healthy body is by running.


Is Running A Good Fat Burning Exercise?

Running is an exercise that people follow when they are looking for a fat burn all over the body. Every part of the body will be involved in burning the calories that are settled all over the body. If you take an example of a person weighing around 70 kgs, if he manages to run around at 6 miles speed for half an hour, he could burn 370 calories which are equal to vigorous martial arts or 30 minutes of a basketball game. The amount of calories freed from your body depends upon the size of your body and the amount of time you indulge in running is more.

Despite running exercise is one of the best ways of burning calories, there are a lot of health benefiting facts that will improve our overall energy level in the body.

Running Benefits

Basics of Running

  • Initially start running for 30 minutes for 3-4 days a week and later on increase the time gradually.
  • Warm-up by stretching your body before you start running. Start a normal walk and slowly speed it up. Sweat it out.
  • You need to cool yourself with 5 minutes of a normal walk after you are done with the essential running for the day.
  • The overall time must be around 30 minutes at least. It must include 5 minutes of warm-up in the first and 5 minutes of a cool down in the end. So 20 minutes is what you got to run around.

Benefits of Running As An Exercise

  • Running will alleviate the calories by burning fat from all parts of the body.
  • Running 5-10 minutes a day will reduce the risk of heart disease by around 40 percent. A normal speed would do.
  • Cells in the muscles become sensitive and thus eliminates the sugar from the body.
  • More exercise will reduce the risk of Cataract.
  • Running will save you from the tendency of slipping off and falling at an old age. But if you are a regular runner and you are old, then your legs will respond well to the senses and there won’t be any chances that you could fall.
  • If you are someone older than 60 and you have a habit of running every day around 30 minutes daily then the chances of having knee pain are going to stay at a minimal level.
  • Running is one of the finest physical activities that will strengthen the knee tissue and help you run with a stronger knee. Your leg length will save your tissue from tear or damage.

How to motivate yourself?

  • A steady workout plan to be prepared
  • A fun-filled attitude that would not back out and stop in between
  • A pair of running shoes, comfortable clothes, a water bottle, and reflective gears needed.
  • Change your routes to keep the plan interesting
  • Choose a friend along the run so you won’t feel an uninterest.
  • Join marathons or competitions to keep you going ahead.

Preparing a RUN PLAN

During the first month, you can start doing very little so that you would get used to it in a month and will be able to do more easily. Let us prepare a sample plan for a month where you do it for 3-4 days a week.

  1. Week 1: Warm-up 5 minutes, a minute’s running at a normal speed, 2 minutes of a walk at medium speed, repeat it 7 times, 5 minutes of cool down
  2. Week 2: Warm up for 5 minutes, 2 minutes running at a normal speed, 2minutes walking at medium speed, repeat the process 5 times, cool yourself down in 5 minutes
  3. Week 3: Warm up in 5 minutes, run for 3 minutes at a normal speed, walk at medium speed for 2 minutes, repeat it 4 times, 5 minutes to cool yourself down.
  4. Week 4: 5 minutes of warm-up. 4 minutes normal speedrunning, 2 minutes medium speed walk, repeat thrice, cool down in 5 minutes.

After this month gets over, try to run for more duration and select the style of runs according to your comfort zone and ease. After following these methods and you are curious to know how you have changed in due course of time, you can use the weight scale and see the difference. If you do not find any improvement after so much hard work, then eat whole grains, avocado, fish and nuts instead of processed foodstuffs. Eat healthily and transform it easily.

Start running and you will burn fat. Along with the run, add some workouts and a healthy diet that has fruits, vegetables, and essentials for your body instead of junk intakes. Follow the best practices and you will surely get answered results.


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