How To Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally?


You will be glad to know that you can reverse kidney disease in a natural way by following the tips given in this article. Most people suffering from the early stages of kidney damage can recover completely using these methods.

If you are already taking treatment for kidney problems or under dialysis support, you can get back to normal life in quick time by using such natural methods.

When it comes to repairing kidney damage, you need to understand that everything begins with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

As soon as you are diagnosed with kidney problems, you should completely cut down on alcohol as even small amounts of alcohol can do damage to your kidney and lead to further complications.

In the same way, quitting smoking can do many wonders for overall health and also improve kidney function. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly to stay fit, and you can easily reverse various health conditions in this manner.


Simple Ways To Reverse Kidney Damage

When the kidney problems are still in the initial stages, they can be reversed entirely, and you can get back to normal life.

Watch cholesterol levels

cholesterol levels

You need to understand that high levels of cholesterol can have a huge impact on your overall health. It builds fat in the blood vessels and makes it difficult for the blood vessels to supply blood to different organs of the body.

In this situation, your kidneys will have more work to do, and it has to filter all the waste materials from the blood. The simple thing you can do is to choose healthy fats. You can use vegetable oils that are low in cholesterol and use them in your everyday diet.

Watch out for your weight

Obesity is a huge contributor to kidney problems, and you should be watchful about what you are eating on a daily basis. Keep track of the calories and maintain them in proper order.

Watch out for your weight

If you are not getting enough calories, it can lead to anemia and trigger various complications. In this situation, you should eat healthy food and maintain the calorie balance in your diet.

Get in touch with a dietician and explain your situation and health problems. They will suggest a suitable diet after considering your preference for food.

Watch out for fluid retention symptoms.

The best way to identify kidney problems is to check fluid retention in the body. When kidneys are not able to function normally, the fluids are not removed completely, and they get stored in the body.

This often appears as swelling in the body, and it becomes evident in the face, hands, and feet.

Apart from that, you can also check for symptoms of high blood pressure as this can also contribute to swelling in different regions of the body. You may also notice low urine output when you are suffering from such conditions.

Check potassium and sodium intake.

When your body is not able to remove excess fluids properly, you should reduce the intake of potassium and sodium. As this can put some additional load on the kidneys, it is better to limit their quantity.

You can check some foods that provide healthy amounts of potassium and avoid those that contain high potassium. In the same manner, eating too much salt can lead to fluid retention in many cases.

Check this issue with your dietician and understand how much salt can safely be used in your diet without leading to fluid retention problems.

When salt gets mixed with water, it becomes a burden for the kidneys to remove the excess salt, and this fluid gets stored in the body. You can easily lessen the burden on your kidneys by reducing salt intake.

Use less protein from artificial foods.

It is essential to get a healthy dose of protein for the normal functioning of your body. However, you must ensure that it comes from natural sources, and you should avoid using supplements when you are suffering from kidney problems.

Always prefer natural sources of protein like meat, poultry, fish and soy and never use dietary supplements when you have kidney problems.

Avoid processed foods

This helps your body in many ways. It reduces the amount of unhealthy cholesterol in the body, as most processed foods contain high amounts of fat.

They also contain added salt and preservatives that put a lot of load on the kidneys. If you want to reverse kidney damage, use fresh food as this has no preservatives, and your kidneys will have less work. In this way, they can recover in a quick time.

Try a keto diet

After getting a consultation from your doctor, you may even go for a keto diet. This reduces the number of carbs in your diet and pushes the body into a state of ketosis.

During ketosis, the body will have no choice but to burn stored fat for energy instead of carbs. In this way, you will begin to lose weight in a healthy manner, and your body will feel energetic.

With such a diet, your body gets healthy, and it puts very less load on the kidneys. The blood supply improves by a huge margin to different organs, and the cholesterol levels also reduce by a huge margin.

All these things help your kidney to recover from damage, and you can easily get back to normal life within a few months. You need to stick to this diet for a few months to get good results.

These are some of the easy ways in which you can reverse the damage done to your kidney. You can easily try them at home and lead a healthy life without health complications.

You should pay attention to your everyday diet, as this has a major impact on your overall health. Eat lots of fruits and foods with fiber as this aids in easy digestion, and your kidneys will not be burdened with work.

In the same way, not eating processed foods will also help your kidney as your body will have fewer toxins to filter in this manner. These simple methods go a long way in protecting your kidneys in the long run.

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