How To Give A Cat Liquid Medicine?

How To Give A Cat Liquid Medicine

Pet owners have a difficult time giving liquid medicines to cats. Most cats do not cooperate when it comes to taking medicines. However, you need not worry about this when you can follow the simple tips given in this article.

This will help you to orally inject medicine into your cat without causing much discomfort. The only thing you need to do in this case is to win the confidence of your pet animal.


How To Give A Cat Liquid Medicine?

In this way, the cat will not resist taking medicine, and you can easily do the job without much effort.

Mix the liquid medicine with food

Mix the liquid medicine with food

The easiest way to give medicine to your cat is to mix it with some food. Make sure that your car likes the food so that it can eat the whole stuff in quick time. Before choosing this method, consult your veterinarian and check if it is a good idea to use this method.

Some medications may not mix well with food, and they have to be given separately using a syringe or other method. Avoid using solid food and use liquid food so that you can easily mix the liquid medication with the food.

Keep a small quantity of the food as this will ensure that the entire medicine is consumed when the cat finishes the food. If you take a large amount of food, your cat may leave some food, and this will give you the doubt whether the entire dose of medicine was consumed by the cat.

Choose the food according to the taste of your cat and keep something exciting for your pet. In this way, it will be enthusiastic about eating the food, and you can easily manage to give liquid medicine. If you are visiting your vet, you can carry some food and use it in this way at the clinic.

The proper way to use a syringe to give liquid medicine

When you want to use a syringe to give liquid medicine to your cat, make sure that the medicine is not cold. In some cases, when you are using refrigerated medicine, take it out from the refrigerator and let it come to normal temperature.

You can slightly rub the bottle with your hands to make it warm. Avoid putting medicine in the microwave to warm it. Once this is done, take medicine in a new syringe and allow the cat to lick some medicine. This will give you some idea if the cat likes the medicine or not.

If the cat is interested in taking medicine, it is an easy task as you can slowly put the syringe inside the mouth and empty the syringe. On the other hand, when the cat is not showing interest in licking the medicine, gently open the mouth and place the syringe behind the canine teeth.

After this, you can slowly push the syringe a little inside the mouth and empty the syringe. Do not take the syringe too deep near the throat as there is a risk of the medicine getting inhaled by the cat.

What to do if the cat starts foaming at the mouth?

In some cases, your cat may start foaming at the mouth after taking medicine. This does not mean that the cat has had an adverse reaction to the medicine.

cat starts foaming at the mouth

There is no need to panic in this situation as it is common for animals to react in this manner when they do not like the taste of some food or medicine. Wait for a while to see if the cat returns to normal. If the cat is not showing any other signs of discomfort, you can move on as this is nothing but a mild reaction to the taste or smell of the medicine.

If this happens regularly, you can try providing the medicine deep inside the tongue in future to avoid this reaction. In this way, the cat will not be able to taste the medicine properly, and the adverse reaction like foaming will stop.

If you need to get a practical idea, you can locate the canine teeth of your cat and put the syringe just behind the canine teeth area. This is the right spot as that area of the tongue is not too sensitive to taste like the frontal areas of the tongue. In this way, the foaming will not occur after taking medicine.

What to do if the cat spits out the medicine?

It is normal for your cat to spit out some medicine. If this happens, do not worry as you can provide the medication in the next session. Some people make the mistake of providing the medicine immediately after they notice that the cat has spit out the medicine.

This can lead to an overdose in many cases as the cat may not spit out everything and some medications may have entered the body. There is no way to know for sure that the cat has to spit out the entire medicine.

When this happens, stay calm and wait for the next session so that there is no risk of overdose. If it happens repeatedly, you can choose a different method and provide liquid medicine effectively to your cats.

It is just a matter of time before you will figure out a suitable method to provide liquid medication in an effective way. Till then, you have to keep experimenting with different techniques to find the best method suited for you and your pet.

These are some of the ways in which you can provide liquid medicine to your cat. If you still have problems, consult a veterinarian and get proper suggestions in this regard. When you are doing this on your own at home, make sure to provide the liquid medicine in the right dosage.

Have patience as it takes time for your pet to get accustomed to the new way of taking medicine. Even you will get better with experience. If the cat does not panic, it becomes easier to provide liquid medication. In this regard, keep them calm and have patience while using these methods at home.

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