Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review : Does It Really Help You To Reduce Excess Weight?

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

Welcome to Forbidden Fitness Secrets review. Forbidden Fitness Secrets program by Ryan Murdock has been intended to focus on building in-built strength and toughness. It is an online fitness module comprising of various videos to help you learn how to get your body in good shape efficiently and swiftly.

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Author Ryan Murdock
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Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review: Does It Have The Effective Ways To Burn Your Fat And Stay Fit Always?

The series of videos in this program will show the exercises that will help you build your intrinsic power concept. According to the creator of this program, almost anyone can use this program and get the desired body shape.

With today’s lifestyle patterns, plenty of people would agree that keeping a fit body has become essential. However, they don’t have time to go to fitness centers regularly because of their busy schedules. There can be a number of reasons why they can’t go to a gym, but the end result is that they would have to find other alternatives to make their body fit.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets is one such solution. And that is why we have come up with the idea of this Forbidden Fitness Secrets review. If you are thinking about using this product, but are unsure if it would work or not, our Forbidden Fitness Secrets review will help you decide the right path. Owing to the internet, you can have access to many Forbidden Fitness Secrets reviews.

But it can be difficult to figure out which reviews are honest and will provide you with the right information. Whatever questions you have in mind regarding the legitimacy and effectiveness of this product, we will answer all your doubts through this comprehensive review. So let’s begin.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Book review

Features of Forbidden Fitness Secrets

Available in digital format, Forbidden Fitness Secrets is an all-inclusive fitness package that comes equipped with various instructional videos. Let us discuss this in Forbidden Fitness Secrets review If you are buying this product, you will be sent the necessary details on your email for downloading this program. All this would be done through a secured server and you can access the product material whenever you want.

To access the series of videos that come with Forbidden Fitness Secrets, all you would need is a smooth and uninterrupted internet connection and a device, such as a mobile or computer. On your device, you can easily watch the instructional videos.

The training material that comes with this fitness product comprises the fundamentals of fat burning and muscle gain effortlessly and healthily. You don’t need to be an expert to understand the contents of this product and given instructions.

What is Included in Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

  • 6 software
  • 99 instructional videos to attain fitness
  • Detailed nutrition and training plan
  • Over 80 healthy recipes (for vegan and vegetarian users as well)

All the contents of this product are up-to-date. Based on various forbidden fitness secrets customer reviews and other similar sources, more than 10,000 customers have managed to attain satisfactory results from this guide.

The fitness program can help you save a lot of time and effort and you can reach your pre-determined health goals without any hitch, proficiently and speedily. In this guide, you will also learn a few tips and tricks to achieve and maintain your weight and fitness in the long run. Then, its fitness videos are based on martial arts workouts.

Many forbidden fitness secrets positive reviews by reputed sources have claimed that it is one of the most efficient online fitness products you can find in the market these days. It offers some exceptional tools that can be used by anyone to shape their bodies and build strong muscles.

Pros and Cons of Forbidden Fitness Secrets 

Just like every other thing, forbidden fitness secrets pdf also has two sides, pros, and cons. Let’s have a look at what could make or break this product.


  • Forbidden Fitness Secrets can help in averting any muscle, joint, or bone-related problems in your body. The exercises routines provided in this product are great for fat and weight loss and muscle building.
  • It can make your bones strong and help you avoid issues such as osteoporosis in the future(1).
  • Using this fitness program, you can reduce the chances of getting injured.
  • Forbidden Fitness Secrets helps your body to realize a better posture and smooth joint movements(2).
  • Ryan Murdock, the author of this product, has a reliable name in the fitness industry.
  • You don’t need to have any specialization to use this product. Just about anybody can use it by seeing the given instructional videos.
  • Forbidden fitness secrets pdf has a strong support team, who are always ready to help you with any issue about this program.
  • Since it is an online program you can use it from anywhere and anytime.


  • Some might find this program a bit pricey.
  • Based on the body type of users, the results can differ from person to person.
  • Forbidden fitness secrets are only available online and you would need an internet connection to get access to it.

Advantages of Forbidden Fitness Secrets

According to several other forbidden fitness secrets positive reviews, this program by Ryan Murdock is quite effective. It can be used by anyone. Whether you are a professional sportsperson or a novice, the training videos can be used and followed by anybody.

It is a systematic program that works in 3 phases and delivers the results as planned. This program is a result of decades of hard work and research.

It offers a 12-week fitness program and delivers in 3 main phases including:

Kick-off phase from week 1 to 4

This phase has been designed to help you lose excess weight quickly and easily with the right workout sessions. You will be following a Low-carbohydrate diet(3) and also learn the less-known crucial basics about diet and training.

Reforming the body shape from week 5 to 8

This phase mainly focuses on nutrition and dietary guidelines, which are adjusted to help you with your fitness realization goals. During this phase, training would also be more powerful and you would lose more fat and weight.

Feel good phase from week 9 to 12

Here, you will be able to see the changes in your body and the training will continue to become more intense. You would be able to feel the loss of fat in your body and it would start to get into lean shape.

Some of the advantages of this program are:

  • You don’t need to be an expert to use this program.
  • The training plan is user-friendly, flexible, and effective.
  • It is based on years of research.
  • No costly equipment is required to use this program, except maybe basic exercise gear at home.
  • This program offers 130 different healthy recipes. Out of them, 30 are vegan recipes.

Forbidden Fitness Secret customers review

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Author

Forbidden Fitness Secrets has been created by Ryan Murdock. He is a skilled martial artist and bodyweight instructor. He has trained in some of the most challenging settings in the world.

Ryan has been a part of fitness and martial arts for a long time. He began training in 6th grade and when he reached the age of 15, he got his black belt in the arts of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Furthermore, in the year 2006, he got into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

He’s also involved in anthropology and travel writing, and he has been one of the topmost health-related publishers on the internet during the last decade.

Why Forbidden Fitness Secrets is Useful?

This 3-step program is easy to use and quite resourceful. It would allow you to be flexible, lithe, resilient, and swift, just like real ninja trainers. As per, Forbidden Fitness Secrets customer reviews, this program will fortify your joints, tendons, and muscles, allowing you to move flexibly without fearing the risk of injury or soreness.

You will learn the following from Forbidden Fitness Secrets:

  • Exercises for shaping your midriff and body posture, and tackle low back pain.
  • Techniques to improve your push-up training methods, making your arms, wrists, and shoulders strong and flexible.
  • Training mistakes you should avoid.
  • Tips and tricks to avoid ankle injuries and muscle tears.
  • Ways to train efficiently and smartly without getting too tired, too quickly.
  • Methods to do the weight training correctly while placing the accurate amount of load on your body.
  • Breathing and posture exercises to improve stamina, and more.


We agree with many other Forbidden Fitness Secrets reviews from eminent sources. This product can work successfully and deliver the results it has promised. Ryan Murdock, the creator of this program, is a trustworthy fitness professional and proficient martial artist.

His aptitude has assured the success of health strategies and training videos that are a part of this fitness program. Everyone has different fitness requirements and the same methods cannot be applied to every situation. Thus, it becomes all the more important to find a program that would suit your fitness requirements and expectations. Forbidden Fitness Secrets can do it for almost anyone.

It does not require any specialization on your part or any specific equipment except for the standard workout kit.  It has been designed to strengthen your body system and give you a resilient lifestyle. The bottom line is that forbidden fitness secrets pdf can offer you various advantages.

All the training and information which has been shared in this fitness program has been accumulated using years of study and research. It can help you increase your muscle strength and energy levels in a healthier way. This program can be a worthwhile investment. Many users have already achieved a high level of success using this program and you can also be one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Forbidden Fitness Secrets a scam?

Based on forbidden fitness secrets customer reviews and other expert reviews, forbidden fitness secrets don’t seem to be a scam. Moreover, the author of this program is a known name in the fitness industry.

Does Forbidden Fitness Secrets offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Forbidden fitness secrets offer a money-back guarantee

Do you need any special equipment or a place to do these exercise?

You can use these exercises anywhere.

What do these Forbidden Fitness Secrets cost?

You will get digital access to the entire Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior “master package” for $37


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