How Different Is The COVID 19 From A Common Flu?

How Different Is The COVID 19 From A Common Flu?

The present scenario calls for all of to be alert and cautious, and every throat tickle, every nose drip, cough, and chest pain cases an alarm and makes one wonder if he/ she has the coronavirus. We are all aware of the dangers of the virus and its symptoms.


Difference Between The COVID 19 And A Common Flu

But of course, since it’s the beginnings of summer, it could be the flu season. And with the Coronavirus around even a common cold can raise eyebrows. Before you jump to conclusions on whether you are infected with the coronavirus, you might want to know a bit more about the virus itself.

How Different Is The COVID 19 From A Common Flu?

What is the coronavirus disease?

The novel coronavirus first impacted a seafood market in Wuhan city, in China in December 2019. There had been several outbreaks of coronavirus in the past like severe acute respiratory syndrome in 2012, but none of them had caused a global pandemic like COVID 19.

In the beginning, one’s travel history offered important clues on whether a person is affected. This is no longer applicable now, because the virus has been spreading in our communities.

The COVID 19 in its initial stages can be cured at home, but if in case the symptoms are worrisome or severe, then a doctor’s advice is required.

The key symptoms of the coronavirus.

The common symptoms of COVID 19 are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Additional symptoms include fatigue and loss of appetite. Less common, but severe cases may also have diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. Some even face a lack of taste and smell. A few people even report experiencing no symptoms at all.  The symptoms usually occur within the first five days after exposure, but in some cases it can also take up to 14 days as well.

How do I know if I have the coronavirus?

If you are worried about your symptoms and are facing ‘suspected symptoms’, contact your doctor, or your local board of health to find out whether you should be tested for COVID 19, and if testing is available near you. The criteria for getting yourself tested are changing every now and then as more and more tests are becoming available.

COVID 19 and The Common Cold.

The most common among all the symptoms of the COVID 19 is the Common Cold. It is easily confused with the COVID 19 and is a cause of panic amongst several people. The symptoms of the common cold are a runny nose, sore throats, headaches, and a feverish feeling. A mild cough occupied by sneezing too may occur, but this is less likely. The common cold doesn’t have to be tested. It is diagnosed through its symptoms and will resolve within a week of the onset of its symptoms.

Unlike the common cold, the coronavirus is also accompanied by severe fever, shortness of breath, and in some cases, a decline in taste and smell.

COVID 19 and The Common Flu

With the approach of the summer we know that flu season is almost at an end, but the COVID 19 cases are still on the rise, making it easier to distinguish between the common flu and the coronavirus.

The Flu is accompanied by fever, chills, muscle aches, and exhaustion. It comes as a gradual onset of the common cold. The symptoms are the same as a common cold- runny nose, sore throat, headaches, etc. Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms of the flu in small children.

The flue is diagnosed based on a swab test. Medications can limit the duration of the influenza symptoms but it has to be started promptly. The flu vaccine too is important prevention. The symptoms can last about one week and the symptom improvement occurring about five days later.


There are several vaccines available to cure a common cold and the Flu, but there aren’t any vaccines developed yet to cure the COVID 19. There are several clinical trials and more than twenty vaccines in development underway for the coronavirus, but unfortunately, there has not been an approved vaccine or treatment for the illness.

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