What is the Difference Between Fat Burning and Cardio?

What is the Difference Between Fat Burning and Cardio

People looking forward to losing weight often hear about different types of exercises such as fat burning and cardio. These are not just plain names given to exercises; in fact, they are both different types of exercises that give different results.


What is the Difference Between Fat Burning and Cardio?

There is no specific definition for either of them; instead, they can be explained on the basis that they are performed.

What is the Difference Between Fat Burning and Cardio

Fat Burning Exercises

The fat burning exercises aim in burning fat by keeping one’s heartbeat within the fat-burning zone i.e., to keep within 50% to 60% of the target heart rate. The workouts are not as intense, but they burn calories from fat. For an individual who is looking to lose weight, build up endurance, and boost stamina, then fat burning exercises are perfect.

Some of the common fat burning exercises are – hip raise, thrusts, butt lift, thrusts, jumps, bridge and others. There are different equipment that have been specifically designed not just to lose weight but also to build muscles in the process.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises aim in achieving aerobic fitness by sticking and keeps one’s heartbeat within a certain target heart rate zone for an enhanced cardiovascular workout. The cardio exercises are intensive, which is achieved from 50% to 85% of heart rate.

They burn a lot of calories because the energy loss post-workout is more than fat burning exercises. After performing cardio the body continues to utilize energy for an elongated period.

Some of the common cardio exercises are – brisk walking, running, swimming, jogging, stepping machine workouts, rowing machine workouts, running on a treadmill, cycling and more.

Difference Between Fat-Burning and Cardio

  • The Result

Considering the difference in the activities of the two, the main difference between fat burning and cardio is the result that one needs to achieve. If an individual wants to be fit and have overall good health, then cardio exercises are great for them because cardio is associated with wellness of the heart and quick weight loss.

Cardio exercises, when performed regularly, are known to enhance the volume of lungs and improve breathing. But if an individual wants to lose weight but also wants to make a strong muscular body with a lot of stamina, then fat burning exercises are what they should be aiming at.

  • Time

There are different types of fat burning exercises and an individual can have a new set almost every week. They can perform these exercises for a long time. They are more dynamic and less intensive than cardio, which is why it lets you perform for a longer time. These exercises can influence certain body zones that an individual is trying to concentrate on – for instance, arms, stomach, thighs, etc. Cardio, on the other hand, cannot be done for more than 30 minutes because of the high target heart rate.

These are more of activities and after some time they get monotonous – cycling, brisk walking, elliptical machine training, etc. are all quite similar. You cannot make any changes to them. However, this continuity in doing the same activity causes the heart to beat faster and causes a lot of energy to burn even after you have stopped the activity. If you want to concentrate and improve a specific part of the body, then you would have to perform other exercises along with cardio.

  • Calories Burnt

Fat burning exercises burn energy from stored fats. So, if you have worked out for 20 minutes and burnt 100 calories, then 75% is burnt from the stored fat. Cardio, on the other hand, draws energy from stored fat and glycogen present in muscles and blood. So, if you perform cardio for 20 minutes and burn 200 calories, then expect up to 50% fat to have been burned. However, the energy-burning process of cardio continues for up to an hour.

Most individuals like to combine fat burning exercises and cardio for a good looking physical body that has a lot of stamina. It is easier to achieve weight loss goals when you combine both types of exercises in your health and fitness routine.

Now, that you understand the differences between the fat burn and cardio, go ahead and hit the gym to achieve your weight loss or health goals.

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