Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

Deep nutrition, Why your genes need traditional food

This amazing book talks about how we can all lead a healthy life by choosing traditional foods.

The world is full of nutritional diets that are so confusing and complex.

There is no need to worry so much and reinvent the wheel as it is easier to follow the habits of our ancestors that kept them healthy for many generations.


How “The Human Diet” Was Developed?

Catherine Shanahan, the author of this book, is also a physician and biochemist who uses her experience as an athlete to develop the perfect diet.

She calls it “The Human Diet” that can work wonders for our body and keep us healthy for many years.

As an elite athlete, Cate Shanahan faced many injuries, and she used traditional foods to recover from such problems.

During the process, she also examined several diets around the world that kept people healthy like Okinawa, Mediterranean, and Blue Zone diets.

After observing all these diets, she identified several common nutritional habits that kept people healthy for many generations.

It was evident that even elders were healthy when they followed such diets for a long time.

Four nutritional strategies of “The Human Diet.”

  • Fresh Food
  • Fermented and Sprouted foods
  • Meat cooked on the bone
  • Organ meats
Deep Nutrition

The four nutritional strategies have stood the test of time, and they are valid even to this day. It makes a lot of sense to eat fresh food as our body can easily process this, and we get complete nutrients in this manner.

It is best to consume raw food whenever possible, to get full nutrition. When this is not possible, you can cook them at home and eat them fresh.

Most of the time, people depend on processed foods that do not contain adequate nutrition. Similarly, eating fermented foods can improve gut bacteria, and this keeps our body fit against various diseases in the long run.

Not only that, but it will also help in digestion and provide the best nutrition from our foods. Sprouted foods also work wonders for our health, and not many people use such foods on a regular basis.

This can help your body to get additional nutrition in a healthy manner. Most people do not use meat cooked on the bone as it is a tedious process to cook such foods.

They always look for easy ways and lose nutrition during the process. When you cook meat on the bone, the heat gets to the meat in a proper manner, and this takes a long time to cook when compared to other foods.

Slow-cooked food always has better nutrition, and you will benefit a lot by choosing such cooking methods. Even scientists and dieticians have agreed that organ meat can do wonders for fighting various diseases.

It has the best nutrition and many professional athletes depend on such foods to get energy. You can try this once a week and get the best nutrition from your food.

Interesting points mentioned in the book

Catherine Shanahan

You will be surprised to know that there are many interesting things about our food culture in the book. It says that all calories are not equal, and we should not go only by the calorie theory.

Many people make this mistake and feel that it is important to count calories for every diet. Cate also says that food is the vital information provided to our body on a daily basis that directs cellular growth.

In this regard, it is easy to alter DNA by choosing a healthy lifestyle. She also adds that a family history of health conditions does not affect our health, and it is possible to alter such things through healthy habits.

Benefits of “The Human Diet” according to Deep Nutrition book

Deep Nutrition
  • One of the biggest benefits of eating such a nutritious and natural diet is that it improves our mood, and this can be the big change that we can bring to our lives. Most people suffer from irritation, and it has got to do with the kind of food we eat on a daily basis.
  • In order to overcome anxiety and boredom, many people resort to eating snacks on a regular basis. This craving for food has a negative impact on our body, and it also increases the overall intake of calories. In the long run, it can lead to obesity and other related health problems.
  • It has become difficult for many women to conceive children naturally, and they have to use several medications to improve their fertility. The same is the case with men as the sperm count, and quality has decreased over the years due to wrong food habits and lifestyle.
  • Even the newborn children need several medications as they keep falling sick. When you take a look at all these things, you will realize that something is not right with our food habits.
  • Even the healthiest people suffer from allergies and other common ailments. Diseases like diabetes and arthritis have become common in old age, and more than half of the senior citizens suffer from such health conditions. When you choose a natural and healthy diet, such things can be avoided in the long run.
  • People are aging faster than usual, and you can notice heart problems and blood pressure related problems even in young people. This takes a toll on the way they look, and the body shows this clearly. If you want to have healthy skin and look younger, you need to pay attention to what you are regularly eating. Avoiding processed foods and alcohol can go a long way in keeping you healthy for many years.

You can buy this book online and use this to make suitable changes to your eating habits. The book will give you insights about various aspects of our lifestyle that need to be changed to attain good health.

It shows simple ways through which our ancestors were able to maintain health for many years without depending on any sort of medication.

You will benefit a lot by gaining such knowledge, and it can inspire you to change your eating habits and lifestyle for the better.

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