How To Cure Friction Burn? – Everything That You Need To Know About

How To Cure Friction Burn? – Everything That You Need To Know About

A friction burn arises when something comes in contact with the other object; then, it causes the skin of a body part to rub off. It can even appear on the penis due to vigorous rubbing. This can occur during any sexual activity or when a person war very tight fit clothes. You need to know that the friction burn can be excruciating when they appear on your penis.

How To Avoid Friction Burn?

This is because the penis is a susceptible area. When a person rubs very hard on the penis while doing sex or even masturbating, then it can lead to enough heat, which causes burn and also scrape off that skin. This is known as friction burn, and it provides a lot of redness and discomfort. We all know that any of the irritation which is caused on our sensitive part is very unpleasant. There are some simple ways by which you can cure the friction burn. If you want to know about these treatments, then you are suggested to have a look at the points listed below.

How To Cure Friction Burn? – Everything That You Need To Know About

Wear loose fitted clothes

If you are suffering from a friction burn on the penis, then you are advised to wear loose-fitting clothes. This is because when you wear loose-fitting underwear and pants, then your skin will not be suppressed, which will allow the air to pass through these clothes. You should wear underwear and clothes which are made up of soft and breathable fabric. Anyone at that time doesn’t want to wear something which could rub against their penis and give more irritation to that area.

Apply petroleum jelly or gentle moisturizer

At the time of friction burn, your skin needs something that provides it hydration and colling effects. You can use any gentle moisturizer or petroleum jelly for treating the friction burn. You will get faster results by applying these things to your friction burn on your penis. If you don’t have any moisturizer, then you can use the gel that is extracted from aloe vera lead as it consists of so many health benefits. It will give a cooling effect on the friction burn and allow the burn to heal in a more effective and faster way.

Avoid sex and masturbation

When there is a friction burn on your penis, you should avoid engaging in any activity related to it, like masturbation and sex. You should avoid doing it until your entire area heals. If you do sex or masturbation while suffering from friction burn, then it will worsen the situation, and your wound will become worse. So, it is advised to you that you should wait until your entire penis area get healed from friction burn.

How to prevent friction burn from happening?

  • When you have sex or masturbate, then you should try to handle your penis more gently. You can even ask your partner to do the same. Another great tip for preventing the friction burn on the penis is using a water-based lubricant or a lubricated condom while doing sex. This will reduce the friction on your penis.
  • Another tip for preventing friction burn is that you should wash your penis every day. It is advised to you that you should make use of a mild cleanser for keeping the skin of your penis hygienic and healthy.  When you wash your penis, then you should aim to wash the foreskin of your penis and at the base of your penis as well as around the testicles.
  • By wearing comfortable and loose fitted clothes, you can easily prevent the friction burn on the penis to happen. So, the next time you go shopping you should always buy undergarments and pants which are comfortable fitted and are made up of breathable fabric. You should wear these clothes, especially while doing exercise, for reducing the risk of friction burn on your penis.

Wrap up!

So, these were some of the simple remedies by which you can cure the friction burn on the penis. You can consider these remedies for treating your friction burn, and it will be healed in a brief period of time. Don’t forget to wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid sexual activity while suffering from friction burn.

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