COVID –19 Go Out, Go Safe – Tips And Safety Measures

COVID –19 Go Out, Go Safe – Tips And Safety Measures

COVID- 19 has taken over the world like a haunting spirit and People have been severely affected by its impact which still refuses to calm down and continues to take its toll. The daily lives of people are still in jeopardy and they are slowly finding a way to make the ends meet and return to normalcy.

COVID –19 Go Out, Go Safe – Tips And Safety Measures

The lockdown restrictions are being reduced day by day with certain restrictions and people are stepping out of their places to return to their usual routine. However, people must also follow some safety measures to stay healthy and lead a safe and secure life. Here are some tips for people to stay safe and healthy while they step out.

COVID –19 Go Out, Go Safe – Tips And Safety Measures


The first and the basic one, social distancing is an essential tip when you go out. Be it anywhere; try to maintain the social distancing among your fellow beings. Social distancing among people can reduce the outcome of the virus and also ensures the safety of an individual.


The usage of masks is the next thing to follow. Make sure you don’t forget your masks; it’s your go-to thing to ensure safety while you go out. Also, remember to buy masks that have a three-line filter that is essential and remove the masks only using threads wrapped around your ears. If the mask is misused, make sure that you burn it instead of disposing of it.


Hand sanitizer is the other essential thing to maintain safety irrespective of wherever you are. Carry your hand sanitizer along with you and make sure you clean your hands every time you enter and exit a certain place.


Avoid touching objects or any other things around you when move out. Except for the vehicle you drive and the things you buy, there is no real reason to touch any other things. Try to keep your hand out of touching everything.


Having your food outside during COVID-19 is the biggest risk factor. Food made at home is always the best thing. Try to carry your home-made food while you travel, avoid having food outside. In case of emergencies, try to buy packed foods and wash them clean all over before you consume it.


Do not visit your friends, elders, or your relations until it’s an emergency. Complete the work you set out for and return straight to your home. Taking a small break from visiting your loved ones will ensure safety not only to you but also to them too. Elders are prone to the virus very soon. So, make sure safety is always maintained on both sides.


Wash your vehicle once you complete traveling with disinfectant liquid, it’s essential that you completely clean it to use it for next time with safe.


Travel single and do not be accompanied by several other people, while in a two-wheeler it’s safe for you to travel alone but while traveling in a four-wheeler, make sure you place your co-passenger behind you instead of placing them besides you. Avoid using public transport and make sure you use your vehicle for traveling and make your plans accordingly.


Avoid having a group conversation with several people and also avoid places where there are masses of people gathered up. Shopping, purchasing, or traveling where there is a mass gathering is highly risky.


Self-isolation between hand and your face is also important when you travel, avoid touching the organs of your face, and make sure that you are clean and safe before you touch your face.


The usage of gloves when you buy food and essential goods for your home is very important. Food is the most basic thing we survive upon; avoid picking any food in bare hands, especially when you buy them for your family.


The last thing, keep yourself stress-free and stay out of panic wherever you go out during these tough times of COVID-19. Because being with peace within yourself and staying happy is essential always.

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