Best Primers For Acne-Prone Skin (2020 Reviews)

Best Primers For Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is a customary problem among people. It is found basically in teenagers. This type of skin problem arises when your hair follicles plug with your dead skin and oil. Even though there is various treatment available, still it is difficult to get rid of acne since acne can be very persistent.


Primers For Acne-Prone Skin

The signs of acne can vary depending upon the severity of it. They usually appear on your face, forehead, upper back, chest, and shoulders. There are various reasons which cause acne. Some of the factors are

  • It occurs when your skin generates excess oil.
  • When your hair follicles clog with dirt and oil, acne will occur on your skin.
  • Many bacterias cause acne on your skin.
  • Acne can also be caused because of inflammation.

Skin Regime Habits

Sometimes, acne also worsens due to our carelessness. Here are some changes which we can bring in our skin regime to fight acne.

  • If perspiration occurs while wearing a helmet or hat, your acne can worsen. Hence it is important to wash your face twice a day. Try to wash your skin after sweating.
  • Avoid using any washcloth or mesh sponge on your skin. This step will prevent irritation in your skin. Use your fingertips gently since your skin needs gentleness.
  • Use the products which don’t have alcohol in it. The products which have alcohol in it irritates your skin.
  • Sometimes, your acne may tempt you to scrub your skin. It is better if you avoid it. Scrubbing your skin will worsen your condition.
  • While rinsing, it is very important to use clean water. It will be better if your water is lukewarm.
  • If you are someone whose hair is oily, it will be better to shampoo daily.
  • You may have urges to pop your acne. It is better to not give in to those urges. If you pop your skin, then there are chances that your skin will be full of acne scars.
  • Always use sunscreen while going out. Your sunscreen should be approved by your dermatologist.
  • Avoid getting tanned. Your skin becomes sensitive after your acne medications. Moreover, tanning damages your skin. So it’s better to avoid tanning since the UV lights aren’t skin-friendly.

Best Primers for Acne-Prone Skin

Even after all these precautions still, there may remain some acne problems. There are many primers available in the market which are beneficial for acne-prone skin. You must go for the primers which are clinically testes. Some of the dermatologist’s recommended primers are

Maybelline Master Prime

Maybelline Master Prime

This primer is very famous among people for all the right reasons. The primer comes with six variants and each variant chooses a separate skin concern.

The primer is oil-free and water-based. It doesn’t weigh down your skin when applied. It also has SPF-30 which means, it protects your skin from the sun. It soothes the texture of your skin.

It also contains oil and shine of your face. It is allergen-free. People prefer it because it blurs the appearance of fine lines, pores, and textured skin. 

Elf Studio Blemish Control Face Primer

Elf Studio Blemish Control Face Primer

This primer provides that extra care, your skin needs. It doesn’t make your skin dry while mattifying your skin. It contains Tree oil and Salicylic acid which dries up your pimples. It has Vitamin E which makes your skin healthier.

It helps people by shrinking the larger pores and making their skin smooth. The product lightens your skin and nourishes it. The product is vegan and cruelty-free.

It provides moisture that your skin needs. The product won’t harm your skin since it is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free. You have to apply it gently and give it 30 seconds to get absorbed in your skin.

L.A Girl Pro Prep HD High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer

L.A Girl Pro Prep HD High-Definition Smoothing Face Primer

This primer tops the priority list of people who are prone to acne. This primer is multifunctional. This product is made by formulating the ingredients with light-diffusing particles.

The presence of Vitamin E helps you to nourish your skin. This primer doesn’t have any additional fragrance. It helps you by smoothening your pores. It is paraben-free.

It is clinically tested that it doesn’t cause any side effects. You have to massage the primer gently by using your fingertips. It gives you a natural glow.

NYX Cosmetics Pro Filler Primer

The key element of this product is Vitamin E. It helps to hide the larger pores. It also uneven the texture of your skin. It is oil-free and talc-free.

The formula makes your skin dry. It may not sit well with some users since it doesn’t lighten up your skin. It also melts away when the weather is hot.

But the pocket-friendly price and the results can motivate you to overlook the cons. You just have to apply a single drop of primer on your skin.

You have to wait for a few minutes so that the product gets absorbed by the skin.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

This primer is one of the best product for people with oily skin. It gives you a matte finish and the results stay for 8 hours.

The packaging of the product is travel friendly. It provides hydration to your skin. It is oil-free.

The consistency lightens your skin. It is easy to apply since it blends easily in your skin. It evens down your skin texture and gives your skin a natural shine.

Benefit Cosmetics The Professional Pro Balm Face Primer

This is the primer that comes into every person’s mind when someone thinks of a primer.

It minimizes your pores. The formula is translucent which complements every skin type and every skin tone. It also protects your skin from free radicals.

This primer is oil-free. It fills your wrinkles and fine lines and makes your skin smoother.

These primers stick to their claim. But you have to be very patient to see the results.

These primers are affordable and clinically tested. To see the results, you have to maintain a proper and healthy skincare regime.

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